Tuesday, June 10, 2008

sensuality in sex (bringing sensuality back)

Sensuality and sex are different but they go together like a pea in a pod. Sensuality can and should be had in daily life, in everything you do. If you are living sensually you are in the moment experiencing and savoring everything in your moment.

You experience greater enjoyment from sex when you are able to be sensual. You don't have to be critical or judgemental, but giving yourself fully to the sensation of pleasure. You taste, smell, hear with a greater awareness and appreciation.

When you began to live sensually you cultivate gratitude and a greater love for the world. We all can cultivate sensuality. It is a magic that we all can master.

Learning how to be in the moment is very important in sexual encounters. So many times women do not find fulfillment from sex because the mind oscillates and they forget to relax and pay attention to the senses.

Pay attention to your skin, how that touch feels or how his skin feels against yours. Pay attention to the sounds of the moans. Make the room smell good and enjoy the scents. These things can seem so simple, but these simple things can be responsible for your intense mind blowing orgasm.

Take some time for yourself. Take a day to slow down. Stop and smell the flowers or look at the trees. How does the air smell. When was the last time you looked at the sky. Eat slower and taste every molecule. Take a bath and caress yourself with your eyes closed. Drink a cup of tea with your eyes closed.

Even in this busy world, we can always make time for sensuality. If you are sitting at your computer you can just softly caress your neck, face or leg, whatever is accessible. It only takes a second, but that second could bring you back into the moment, it can bring a smile to your face and heart and it can bring you enjoyment. No more excuses, get your sensuality daily.


  1. WOW, so on time, thank you for the writing, this is so real, and really empowering for me to take my sensuality in my own hands, being responsible for my pleasure, and having FUN!

  2. i'm so sensually triggered by your message! thanks for the gift of pleasure in each breath.

  3. wonderful insight. your such a treat to have found..nuthin but love from these key strokes.


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