Friday, June 6, 2008

Sweet and Hot

I have been thinking a bit about my fire and my sweetness. There was a time in my life where I was so fiery, I didn't know how to control it. I would curse and scream, fight and throw things, you know all that stuff we women do and justify it as being a warrior goddess. Then there was a time where I felt so sweet I loved everyone and everything, the smallest things made me cry and I had a hard time speaking my mind because I was afraid of hurting people or causing conflict. I just wanted everyone to be happy. So where is the balance. I pride myself with being a lover and warrior woman, or are they the same?
Warriors are focused and passionate. They fight to bring justice freedom and change, in turn this will bring happiness. They love intensely and exude and spread power.
I think woman confuse(at least i have in the past) sweetness for weakness and unchanneled anger and fire as power. We feel if we "go off" it will get our point across and its okay because that is just out sekhmet energy or Kali energy and besides they deserved it. Really by doing this you are destroying your own health and the vibrations around you become negative and distorted. You are not really channeling the energy of these warrior love nurturer goddesses but being detrimental to an environment of healing and progression.
I know now that there are ways to assert myself and still keep my spirit of love and sweetness. I know that I can bring an whole empire to ruin through my natural ability as a woman to be sweet, seductive, sensual enticing and calm. I know that this does not take away from me being a warrior goddess but this is her very nature and when it is truly time to fight in whatever form whether it is taking up arms or speaking, I can stand up and do it with no fear because i have preserved, focused and made my energy more vibrant.
We fight the wrong people. Unless that person is threatening you or the ones you protect with physical harm or a harm that threatens your livelihood, there is no need to fight him or whomever physically. There is no need to get all irate and ugly. That's what it is, ugly. I bet if you could go back to when you where all loud and cursing that person out, you would think you looked real ugly. There are so many unjust things in this world that we need to stand up and get real down and dirty against. Is he sleeping with another woman in your bed more serious than the genocide that is happening in Kenya or the genocide that is happening right here with the drugs and gang violence. Tell him to keep it moving no need to waste your energy. Save it to save our babies from the streets of ignorance. I am not saying don't feel because we can be hurt by these things, but it is in how we react. Assert your self with your womanly power, we have so much of it. That energy that will come off of you from your true power will get the point across, and you have all the backing of your ancestors,angels spirits etc. All of that other stuff is just a bunch of fears, anger, jealousy and hurt that is not being taken care of in the right way.
We are the healers and nurturers of this world. We have to act as such. We have to step into our power and use it wisely, know when to take the front line and know when to step back.
I found this to become all so easy when I began to experience self love. I knew that I then had the power to love others and what it meant. I no longer had to exert my ego nor did I have to let myself be run over. Jealousy began to give way and following that came arrogance past hurts and fears.
Its a journey but we must remember, and reclaim our femininity


  1. we are energetic beings made manifest in these carbon vessels. so it stands to reason that we must have the knowledge of energetics as our foundation of how we operate in this realm. yes my beautiful sister, you are ever so correct in stating the importance of energetic self-control. when we arrive at greater degree of understanding of this mastery. the next step is the (re)union of our energy (masculine) with yours (femi[nine]). and brothers there is a hierarchy in all this and yes the sister is the apex of it all. so sisters lets not only speak about it but be about it (wisdom, knowledge, and understanding). i got cha back, we got cha back. we just need ya back from the madness so we can be about the true business at hand. and that is becoming whole once again..thank you sis for sharing your process. i got so much love for you..peace and love everyone, me


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