Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coochie Church

I am pleased to announce the opening of the church of coochie. This is where you come to get your daily inspiration to honor your Divine Feminine, your yoni,your vagina, your cookie,your coochie, your pussy, whatever you choose to call the sacred place. Come join the congregation of women and men to hear the word. And don't be afraid to testify, right in the comments section. Let us preach, shout, dance, sing, and pray healing into our coochies!

Are you committing sins against your coochie? Well come to the coochie church to repent and purify! Is your coochie happy with the way she is being treated? Are you giving her enough attention? Is she being deprived of tenderness? Is she being deprived of the gift of orgasm? Come for the word of how to do these things and a lot more. Come as you are, no judgements, the temple awaits.

Sermon #1:
Giving Honor to the Divine

Now let me ask, how many of you truly honor your yourself, truly honor your coochie and teach others how to do the same. Sometime we get so caught up in our day to day grind that we don't take the time to watch and see what is going on with her. We forget to listen to her needs.

How many times have you allowed someone to enter you that you weren't completely sure about? You did it just because you didn't want to say no. Or because you just need some sex real quick. Or you think maybe you will get over the unsure feeling and things will work. Maybe he will be more interested. For whatever reason, something is telling you no but you go along. That something is her, your coochie, saying "Please don't let him/it in. Does he truly care for me or does he need a quick fix? He needs to give me the attention I need. I need soft caresses and kisses. I need for him to be clean and receptive. Does he make you feel like a queen? Can he entice me into wetness, giving me a happy arousal?" Listen to your coochie.

Your coochie is very temperamental. She gets offended when you don't listen to her time after time. Her offense shows up in yeast affections,ST D's, fowl smells, and so much more. You don't want to piss her off! Can somebody say Amen!

Let us pray:
Give us the wisdom and heightened awareness to hear our coochies. Help us to remember our strength so we may only allow those in our space that honor us as the goddess. Remind of us of our power and divinity and be with us on our journey to a vibrant and honored coochie
Give Thanks.


  1. need any deacons? or is that dick-ins? The coochie church home of the bottomless offering plate and amazing tasting grace -- i can't wait for the doors to open so i can drop to my knees and worship properly -- cum early and cum often

  2. wow @ freez's comment...LOL. hallelujah!

    this is fantastic, and *long* overdue. i'm sure i'll find myself in the front pew, often.

    *waves church fan & hums*

  3. let the church say 'AWoman', because the delta between her thighs is the true heaven. and with that said, im gone do good, real good to experience heaven in the here and now and in each life there after. and i'll start by leaving pearls (wisdom) by her gate. write my name in your book of life queen that i may rest in your bosom all the days of my life. and dwell in your delta forever. AWoman.

  4. Amen to the coochie church!! My sensuality is unleashed.

  5. Thank you for setting up the coochie church. Made me realize my past and all the sins I had committed and what a blessing I have now by answering all those questions with a yes.


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