Saturday, July 5, 2008

The First to be Unleashed

I began by making sure every part of the space was clean. Then I cleared and sweetened the atmosphere. I sat loosely and sensually clothed in the dimly lit sweetly scented room awaiting his arrival. The smoke from the inscent danced to the soft music, spiraling gracefully, seeping into my body giving me healing thoughts. The dance moved into my belly and began an ecstatic motion.

The doorbell rang and the dance moved into my chest. It gyrated to the fast rhythms
of my heart. I opened the door and allowed him to enter. I felt his dance; more so, I saw it from his slight trembling. I greeted with a warm smile to let him know that all is well and he could release his nervous tension.

His eyes moved about the sensually comforting room and I could tell he was pleased. I allowed his energy to move him to a comfortable place to sit. I floated to my space and feeling his energy to quickly begin I directed him to close his eyes.

I began to lead him but soon realized he did not want to be led. He wanted release. In my attempt to guide him in a relaxing technique I became assured that talking would be all the release he needed right now. He stopped me short in my "breathe in" song. So we began my first coaching session.

As we went through our session I could see his weight lifting, his eyes became brighter and he became much more animated. He answered a lot of his own questions and became very proud of himself. He basically was telling me his need for sensuality in his life.

The urge to be happy, the urge to be fulfilled in every way is really the urge towards sensuality. We all want to live each day of our lives feeling good, feeling high, in the moment. We want to feel successful, we want to feel love and acceptance, we want to feel appreciated. All of those things give us a sensation. Paying attention to these pleasing sensations brings us healing. Having appreciation for these moments unleashes healing. This is living a sensual life.

My client felt appreciation in the moment and was able to feel healing. With the help of the scent and sounds, colors and an attentive ear he was able to savor the beauty right then and see how he could have it everyday. He really had unleashed his own sensuality while I observed. I just sat in as the Goddess sharing energy so he may come to his realizations. We all need energy to be shared. We need each other in our journey to sensuality and I happen to be blessed with the gift of the Goddess to hold this energy or have realized my power to help others unleash what they already have.

We have had other sessions each time more empowering then the last. Sometimes the sessions will just be a reminder to taste the beauty or they may used for rejuvenation.

We end by giving thanks to each other. He makes a vow to honor him and others in the journey and teach people how to honor him. As he becomes unleashed sensually he will share the gift.

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  1. awesome. you must share more with me on these sessions. this was truly wonderful information.


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