Wednesday, July 30, 2008

River of Honey

Bathe me in a river of honey
And let me feel your tongue all on me
Caress my wetness slowly
Sending vibrations through my body

Whisper my name in my ear
Sacred words that erases fears
Can you take me to another place
While we are here in this time and space

Light a candle
Make me see beauty with my eyes closed
There's no telling how far I'll go
The scent of arousal's in the air
The serpents rising
Can you take me there

The small of my back aches for your kisses
My nipples awaken...ooh I can't take this
Brush your stiffness against my gentleness
Yes now, you've found my weakness

Open me up
There's so much nectar running down my thighs
Can't you tell by the way I sigh
You can take me now you've got my trust
Wrap my legs, lift my hips and take a deep meaningful thrust

Deep enough to massage that spot
You know the one that makes me hot
Tantalizes, heals, and reveals
The goddess power and orgasmic thrills

let me hear your pleasure
As you give me pleasure
Your moans sound like chants
And my climax is enhanced

In ecstatic contortions no sensations did you miss
Now let me climb high and ride a cloud of bliss
A sensual rapture
How much sweetness can you capture

Stick out your tongue
Here I come
Now that you've got me where you want me
Just don't run

I'm seeing God in this deep trance
There's no limitations when we're doing ecstasy's dance

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  1. your wish is truly my command. all thats needed from you is that you allow me to seek out all your hidden treasures (pleasures) bringing you closer to that magic (special) number. '9' where we can manifest all that we're inclined.


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