Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sermon 2: How Do You Use Your Power

Are you using the power of the Divine coochie for good or evil, to manipulate or heal. Are you using it for pleasure or pain.

We have been given this great power generator. Through our coochie we can gain power and give power. It is all about how we use it when we gain it. This society is more or less a dog eat dog, do for yourself type of society. Early on women learn how to "use what they got to get what they want." So you get women throwing their coochie around, leaving her as dirty as money exchanged from millions of hands. Throwing the coochie around leaves her a bit deranged and nervous. She feels displaced, almost like a foster child that is being moved here and there, never finding a real home. Then she will act out. You will feel her sadness, no matter how much you have, you will feel her neglect and bitterness.

Through her(coochie) power we do have the ability to get anything we want. We have the power to attract to us the greatest things. Just her allure makes people or even the universe want to put all that you desire right into your hands. The universe tells us that whatever we desire is out there for us to have. We do not have to use our coochies to trap or manipulate people. Through your relationship with the divine coochie connected to universe people will automatically be vessels for you to receive.

How do you connect you coochie to the universe? Well it is not hard because we already have that divine connection it's just about tapping into it.

Pay attention to her. Look at her. Pamper her like she is the Goddess herself, for by way of her life is given to this world. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Treat her as a vessel for healing and realization. Use her to renew, to repent, to save you of your sins and the sins of others. Know that whomever enters her will forever be changed and they also will become conduits of power. By doing this, you will always receive. But the thing is you are not just receiving, There will be a constant exchange. When someone enters into your coochie it should literally be heaven. Instead of feeling drained they should be able to come out feeling rejuvenated and ready to get things done. And you should feel the same way when they are in you. Together you both can generate enough power to get all you desire. Through visualization, affirmation, sound and genuine love.

Your power is your responsibility. Remember not all can handle her power. Watch who you whip ;)

Let us pray: Let us continue to know and walk in our power. Let our power exude from us leaving the scent of healing. Help us to bring pleasure and realization to the lives of others. Let us be rejuvenated by all that enters our coochie and protect us from that that does not have the best for our coochies in mind. Help us to see that our coochies (womb) are directly connected to you and through the health of her we can make our lives better in every way.
Give Thanks.


  1. Testify.. She spoke the word and the word was good! Just read all of these . Truly enlightening,Give Thanks. You are a genuinely sweet spirit! Peace,Ibrahim

  2. Thank you for sending me information about your blog. What a remarkable concept living life sensually. You are going to help heal so many people. I am definitely feeling what you are bringing. Keep on doing it sis!

  3. you speak the truth.. its time for women to embrace and cherish the "coochie" the blog

    The true secret of the number 9 is the fact that the woman has nine levels of orgasms and when she reaches the nineth level she enters into a psychic trance which reconnects her entire being or literally plugging her into the cosmos revealing to her all that is, was and will be. author?

    Note: we got wonderful work ahead of us ;)


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