Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sermon #3 Where Does Your Faith Lie?

Well, "God" has made us in its likeness. Does this mean we have the ability to co create? Do we have the ability to create all things including all that we want with God? If this is so why are so many of us waiting for something "out there" to fulfill us, to give us happiness when it all lies in us.

This is the same question the coochie asks. Why are you waiting for someone else to give me fulfillment. There are a great number of women that do not experience pleasurable sexual experiences. They do not reach orgasm, or as one of the members of the coochie church said the 9, which are the various levels of orgasm. Some have not succeeded in the first.

Having pleasurable sexual experiences is a gift. But it is a gift that you must know you deserve, and a gift that you first have to give to yourself. There are numerous reasons why woman don't reach these levels, so it starts with the woman to clear these blockages wherever and whatever they may be.

We go along thinking that it is the man's job to make us feel good. The reality is, if you have blockages no matter how hard he works to bring you pleasure it is not going to happen. The coochie is saying, "work on me, tighten me up, eat right, heal from the past, touch me, stroke me, caress me. I am your yoni (coochie) let me tell you what I like so you can show others."

Having a knowledgeable partner is wonderful and it helps, it is ideal, but ultimately you are responsible for your own ecstasy. And if you happen to get someone who is not so well versed you can sweetly show him.

It is possible to be steaming hot before your partner even touches you, and when he enters you, you are ready to burst. However, men, this does not excuse you from foreplay. You also have to learn those spots that will send her to the edge. We are here to help each other.

Don't walk around with some blind faith, but know that you are going to get your bliss, can somebody testify!

Let us pray:We know that you have made us in your likeness and that our faith should lie in our abundance of power that lives in us. We thank you for sharing in your greatness and let us continue to feel and live in this. Oh Goddess, let us savor every drop of ecstasy. Open our hearts so we may see that we deserve it and we can give it to ourselves with the help of other co creators.
Give Thanks!


  1. Peace,

    I am aware that I am not part of the intended audience. But my sister over at Incredible JuJu had it linked and I have to say I am APPLAUDING this self love and quest for the power you beautiful goddesses posses.

    There's no "church" like this for men and I wish there were. And even for a man such as myself who holistically supports womanist/feminist views, I am saddened by my gender's need (and my own as well) to be more phallic than fluid. I will write a blog about my issues with the penis and how it's never portrayed as art other than it being obtrusive, loud, probing and such. I have so many ideas surrounding this and reading your blog inspired me. Be well in your church's mission. I won't be peeking in much (if at all beyond this) because I know you all need this space for yourselves.


  2. Ok, so where do I pay tides?

  3. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not scene" Bible -- so Faith is real, when you know you're good, you can't help but be good -- from knowing and loving the yoni on the solo tip to extending those finger tips inviting others to take a dip, baptized we give thanks for grace and let hallelujah waves rip

    keep flowing rev. ravishing

  4. We all are a part of the intended audience, even me, a goddess whose healing water flows into the flavorful fountains of your goddesses, whose locs spill into the scented streams of Sisterlocks and curls and tresses and braids.

    I applaud you "Sensuality Unleashed" for the divinity of your presence, sermons and fearlessness.

    Besos y bendiciones,
    The Golden Goddess


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