Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sermon 4: Be Selective

Everyone does not deserve to visit even the entrance of heaven. It is true that we should look to have more divine attributes like all loving, all knowing and so forth, however our coochie does not have too. And I mean this from physical standpoint. I know our portal(coochie) holds wisdom from many eons and I know she loves the world...I'm am talking about "giving up that lovin" and knowing all the shapes sizes and colors of every dick that do not honor, love or appreciate her gifts.

Yes, she loves the world and she has to cry for its sins against her on a regular basis. How many times have you been with someone and afterwards you felt empty? You may have had an orgasm or even multiple but you felt unfulfilled? How many times have you allowed someone to enter your heaven and all the while you had doubts? How many times you have you felt like you were just being fucked or like a piece of ass when you wanted a full sensual, loving, spiritual or committed experience? Have you felt tricked or manipulated? Most of us have gone through this or are going through it right now, women and men.

Taking control is easier said then done because you love so much, because you want to think the best, because you don't know how to say no, because you are horny. Conscious effort every time you are in the situation makes it better. Don't rationalize it if you really want to change it, like saying just this once, I need it. Or whatever you use. You deserve to be honored, you deserve to have what you want. Your coochie deserves the experience she wants and needs.

The good thing about going through those feelings is that they are wonderful healing opportunities. What can you learn, what can you do know. Every experience your coochie has directly affects your life. How, is your choice. Because of time and space I cannot dive in completely on how to use your coochie experiences for growth. In my book there are ways, and stay posted for workshops.

You have to be selective in who you allow in the temple. Some will just suck your energy (drink all of the holy water and not leave any tithe). You have to change the way you do things and things will change for you. You want our men to honor us, well teach them by honoring yourself. Then we may have more to select from.

A visitor of the church said he realizes this is for women and he won’t visit often. This is for men too. You also want to read this and apply. Some of the same principles apply. (Like being selective) You need to be honored as well. Who is going to start the ding a ling church or the penis church, dick church, lingam, phallus, something?

Let Us Pray: Give us the strength and courage to dismiss the things from our lives that bring us discontent. Bring that into our lives that wish to share love and abundance. Help us to see and make the right choices.
Give Thanks!

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