Monday, October 27, 2008

Sermon 5: For Goddes Sakes

More and more women are actively taking charge of their love for self. They are actively searching and growing into awareness of their Goddess within. Doing this, I believe, is vital if we are to have collective healing. The Goddess nurtures and guides. She heals and protects. She creates and destroys. She is a source of pleasure. She LOVES.

Tapping into the Goddess is extremely empowering. It is a powerful initiation into womanhood. It is the admittance to use her powers on this earth to bring forth the aforementioned. However, like any great power it can be abused. It can be misunderstood and not properly guided if we have not truly taken all of the steps to heal the many blockages we have built up over time. The goddess, in my opinion has to be an example of love.

I was motivated to write this blog because I have encountered many women who call themselves goddess. They are in a position where they can be an example for others to bring what we need in this world. Instead I have seen them being an example of separatist behavior or some kind of women supremacy with the guise of “woman power.” (I too have been guilty of this at one time). They have been bashing men and speaking as if “the men” are less than the woman or are the enemy.

We all have been hurt at some point in our life, men and women. Yes it is true that some men need to step up. They need to heal. This is also true for women. Women who have interest in tapping into to the goddess must heal their past pains and disappointments so their attempt to help will not be bitterness wrapped in a pretty or thought evoking, emotion stirring words that have the potential to bring more harm than good. Yes we have the potential to be all powerful Goddess’ and our men have the potential to be all powerful Gods. We have to help each other. We need each other. We must learn how to love each other again. As someone told me we all have our different ways of healing and bringing balance. She said she could come as a gentle wave or a tsunami. The thing is we have to heal and bring balance, and we have to know when we are bringing this or bringing the opposite. We all have our stuff. We need a cleansing, detoxing, something.

Let Us Pray: Goddess for your sake, help us to use your power wisely. Help us not to judge, but to see the potential for growth and be an example of such. Show us the most appropriate way to bring your messages. Let us not hold contempt in our hearts for our men or for our women but as we find the way, we can graciously show the ones who want to know. Give Thanks!

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