Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Sensual Destiny

From here I hold the beauty of his reflection. How I long to smell this man. To taste him to touch him would be magnanimous. Just to feel his voice brush past my lobes. How I yearn for those blissful vibrations

Far away in space and time but my heart rest in his hands. How I want to dance to the beat of his heart on two feet or floating in the air, for thoughts of him send me soaring into the clouds. How long must I wait to live this moment? How do I stop my lips from pulsating longing for his warm kiss? When do I get to feel the one I’ve longed for since time began?
Too much time; is it a curse or blessing for I am going mad without his embrace. I just want to taste his joyful tears. And spend my years in his good favor. Is this to much to ask when I have searched and prayed endlessly for eons. For his very presence to be dripped from the heavens into my being shedding light unto my darkest nights and putting the taste of sweetness on my tongue once again.
No man can measure, for he is a god an angel a magical occurrence like no other. I desire the pleasure just to walk across his path leaving my scent of eternity across his nose so he shall follow behind and take me into eternity.

For I never want to leave the grasp of his love. It takes me up in spirals of oneness of ecstasy of might. Tonight I will cry in the bosom of my pillow. And dream about my sensual destiny w/ the god of my prayers. Chills leave their prints on my spine when I become entranced, anxious for his sublime presence. Who cares about worldly possessions when all I want are the gems from his spirit. I will it so I will see him tomorrow and burrow my head into his chest and rest in the comfort of my loves in breath. As I breathe out I send my wishes into the universe that this is not only hopeful thinking. But we will soon be one fulfilling our sensual destiny.

For my love far away but oh so near.

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