Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sermon 6: How Do I Love Thee

Ok, I felt I had to post this one. I am aware that there are some male members of the Coochie Church and I want to dedicate this one to you. It is not an attempt to bash, because as you have read in the last sermon I am not into that.

Men, imagine that the most beautiful goddess arose before you. She wore only jewels on her body and was dripping in glistening honey. Her breast pulsating and her legs look as if ready to wrap around you. Her eyes say take me and the scent from her was obsessively enticing.

As I can imagine you are ready to take her. You are ready to pounce, but she says, “Not yet, first you have to prepare me. And if I am impressed by your efforts then and only then will you be able to enter my temple.” What would you do? But then what if she says, “And when you enter me I want you to treat me like you know who I am (the goddess) and if you do you will be greatly rewarded. But if not you will be put to shame!” Would you shy away from the challenge or would you learn what you need to do?

Well men, I have to tell you, this is what women are saying all of the time. Some of you just don’t hear us. Do you know how to read body language? If not you must learn to be more receptive. Yes, it is great for a woman to express verbally what she wants, and we must learn how to do that more often (some of us) but be real men, some of your egos get in the way. That is what women are afraid of. They are afraid if they tell you, you might become offended. That it may even take away from the intimacy, but their body language is speaking volumes.

So many men are being put to shame behind their backs because they think they are doing their thing in the bed, but are coming up short( not literally, some men know how to work what they have). They are bragging about being “the man” and how they tear it up and all that other stuff. While she is over talking to her girlfriend saying “girl it wasn’t all that. He swore it was but I didn’t have to waste my time.” Or some women even contemplate cheating to get what they need.

When was the last time you asked your woman how she wants it? I mean even before the act. Have you had an open conversation about it? When was the last time you were able to tell by body language what your goddess needed or if it was too much? A lot of the time if she is pulling away she wants something else. Just ask. Open it up so she doesn’t feel afraid to tell you.

Do you know how to prepare your woman? Scents, (this means your scent as well) sights, touch, sound, all of these things are important to a woman. Do you know what’s important to yours? A woman does not want to be the only one setting the mood all of the time. She would like you to make her feel special and wanted. Ask her to write you a letter telling you exactly what she likes and what she wants. Ask her how you can make the experience better. Draw her bath and light some candles, and if it is spontaneous or you are going to her house bring her a small gift or rub her feet. Treat her like you would a goddess. Touch her, lick her, and talk to her. Tell her how beautiful she is. Or some woman even like for you to tell her how you want to tear it up.

Do you know her erogenous zones? Get a woman open and any where you touch will become one. Do you know how to find her g-spot and what positions you can best reach it? Do you know how to keep her comfortable while you are making love? Does she like it freaky, kinky, or nasty or do you need to be very gentle? She may like all. Do you know when she says “DON’T STOP” that means don’t stop because you are in that spot that will bring her to her greatest ecstasy?

There are many books out there that will help you with the technicalities of a woman’s body. But you need to read the woman you are with as well. Do this, and your wish is her command.

Let us pray: help us to be receptive to each others needs and desires for we are here for each other. Give us the courage to ask and tell for the things we need so we will know how to make each other happy for you have given us the gift of each other, one of your greatest gifts that we must cherish GIVE THANKS!


  1. Thanks for the sermon.

    I think this is a very important discussion that needs to take place between partners because somewhere we have lost our connectedness. The loss of connectedness springs from many factors - environmental influences, stress, the entertainment we ingest, etc. However, the gift of the true connection during intimacy must be revitalized if women and men are to live in harmony with one another as two parts of a whole.

    There is an art to learning how to focus energy during intimacy buried in the distant memory of people. I can appreciate your call to attention and attentiveness.

    "Take long stares at your hands, then touch" - Kamau Daood

  2. Oooooh, this is so important but, unfortunately you're preaching to the choir. I am a man, not just a male but a man. I tell my woman that making love for me is worshipping her, the temple. Entering is the last in a long time of sex talk, touching rubbing, and I am not just talking about just before the act. Making her feel stable and secure, rubbing her and touching in all those spots all the time. Kissing her, holding her. holding her face and looking into her eyes and speaking honest truths to her. I love my woman all the time even when there is not coitus. 99% of what I know of love making or what I call worshping the temple of the Queen of Heaven was learned from females beginning at an early age that is to early to mention.


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