Monday, January 26, 2009

I Like It Raw

I finally did it! I went raw and I like it. I let go of apprehension and just did it. I have no decadent guilt. It feels so free. I am happy that there is no longer any fear in taking it raw. My ecstasy is greater and my juices flow more intensely.

What are you thinking? I am talking about my diet. I am now only eating raw foods. I eat no cooked or animal products. I was vegan for ten years. This is my third week of being on a raw diet. I already notice the difference. I feel so light and even more feminine. All sensations are greater. And I am sooooo horny! My yoni(vagina) becomes wet out of the blue. I have always gotten wet but now it is more and more often. I smell differently and taste differently. I feel so sweet. I feel like a flower. This is only three weeks!

Before I went raw I did an extensive detox. During this I also went through an emotional cleansing. Everything was a big deal. This is important because all or most of the things that gets locked in our bodies through our habits and life can come out. Everything is connected. So by doing a detox of my body my emotions also were cleansed.

Our health has a direct effect on our sexual ecstasy. Not only bio physically but psychologically as well. We all know if we are feeling heavy or guilty about something we ate or gassy we are not going to feel sexy. You are going to want to make love with the lights way out, or with that shirt on, or you will decline riding this time.

There is so much to be said on this but the lack of time and space I will not do it here. Look for it in my book. In the meantime, do some research. take small steps in improving your sexual health. Just eating more fruits and veggies and less sweets, starches,dairy and meat can make your yoni sweeter and juicier. Someone told me that after they got a colonic they could feel there clitoris and labia pulsating. They had never felt that before. The way you eat or what you eat could restrict blood flow to your genitals and leave you hanging, literally and figuratively, men and women.

You should take your sexual health seriously. Your libido or lack there of. Your ability to orgasm or enjoy sex. Your wetness or erection or lack there of is saying a lot about your health. Don't ignore it. And you can fix it the natural way!


  1. WOW!!! I appreicate your open-ness and true purpose. I'm happy you are in a peaceful place. this is the blueprint of my life.Beautiful one you are truely gifted.

  2. how is the raw diet coming along? in case u haven't discovered them yet, here are 2 websites you'll love...


    in joy!

  3. soooo not but i have been thinking about doing some raw detoxing.

  4. Hola Queen Huney!
    I must come again and copy the raw-food websites! I may, perhaps, venture into the raw, having had glimpses of its benefits from my time exploring this topic several years ago, as there is a raw-food establishment downtown Atlanta. It captured my interests but only for a second.
    True, I enjoy eating veggies and fruits, yet I know I have much to learn in order to adopt the lifestyle permanently.
    The Golden Goddess


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