Friday, January 30, 2009

Sermon 9: Sounds of Power

Saying a word releases a physical vibration. These vibrations can be associated with the meaning of the word. Intentions behind these words can also have an effect on the energy felt by the word vibration. This is the same with sound without words. Sound has a powerful effect on our energy vibration. This is clearly seen in how we respond to music. The use of sound healing, mantra, chanting etc. are used at times to bring us to a higher level of vibration and to change vibrations and events around us.

Intent behind a word or sound, I think is very important. Look at the word “fuck.” This word can be used to degrade or it can be used in the most intense times of love-making. Some people can be reluctant to use the word because of all the negative ways it has been used. This one word is used in so many ways with so many different intentions behind it. It can arouse many pleasant sensations and allow sweet nectars to flow, or it can arouse anger.

I say all of this to say that your sound or your words can be the sweetest gift you can give your partner when you are intertwined in bliss. A lot of us take for granted the power of sounds in lovemaking. This can be the difference of the yoni dripping or just slightly wet. This can be the difference in how intense the thrust are, how deep and passionate. This can be the difference in level of orgasm. This can heighten confidence in your experiences and is a great way to communicate with your partner.

If you are quiet she may not think she is giving it to you the right way. If you are quiet and just lying there he may think he is not treating the coochie the way he is supposed to. If they are not, DON”T FAKE IT. Like I said this is a great way to communicate. So if you are a usual screamer or moaner, if he is not doing his thing and you are too afraid to tell him, just be quiet, hehe. No, it’s better to tell him or her so you will not have to endure those unpleasant feelings until they “are done.” Open communication is best.

I tell my partner that his sounds are my favorite things to hear in the whole world. My pleasure is intensified whenever I hear his. Some men are afraid to release their sounds because they don’t want to be looked at as a punk or feel foolish. Women go through this as well. Releasing your sounds in your pleasurable moments is not only great for your partner but can be healing for you as well. You are able to savor that ecstasy without fearing judgment. This can anchor you in the moment. You are able to release things like stress. Your spirit will be able to rise to unknown heights.

Let us pray: thank you for this gift of words/sound. Let us use this gift wisely and compassionately. Let us use our sounds to give and receive immeasurable earthshaking pleasure. Show us how to use this to heal our coochies, to heal the penis to make us aware of the power in every sensual moment. Let us use it to heal dysfunction and pain and send vibrations of love throughout. Give Thanks!

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