Thursday, February 26, 2009

I hate pubic hair, today i didnt wear panties, my pants are to big

I have been doing raw for a lil bit and my pants are already to big! I had to punch new hole in my belt.

I let my pubic hair grow to much. I never use to shave. I used to brag about the bush and furthermore I thought razors were so intrusive, but the first time I did it (very carefully I might add) I liked the outcome. My coochie was extra soft and I enjoyed touching her. Now I like to keep the hair off but I let it grow too much this time and it took to long to shave and it was a big mess! uh! :)(read in my upcoming book ways to keep your coochie supple and clean)

So today with my newly shaven yoni I decided to go panty less. Feels free.


  1. My yoni (I love this new nomenclature) has gone pantyless and hairless for years. Panty hose irritates her, making her rebel uproariously.
    I, too, though, once sported a gloriously bushy yoni, but now I adore my baby soft coochie, so delightfully different and looking deliciously supple.
    But, who knows? As I adore change, I may let Mother Nature have her way with me and be still, while she snows on me, soft and sweet, and photograph it for an erotic posterity. Hmmmmmmm. A coffee table, glossy collection of yonis. I think I rather love it, don't you?

  2. i love reading your comments! yes i love it. i think i am going to have to copy your yoni ideas lol


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