Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birthday Manifestations

Today was my birthday. I will celebrate always. My gift to myself is to manifest my dreams and ambitions. To cultivate more love and loving relationships.To open to all blessings, whatever form they may come. Doing all these things I will be living life to the fullest.

This year I have been blessed with the mate of my prayers. I put it out to the universe exactly what I wanted in a mate and I got it. My birthday wish is to be what I expect him to be for me. My wish is to see all of my other intentions come into fruition just as this one.

I am grateful this day and everyday. I am humbled by the magnificence of love and the power of sensuality. I am thankful for the lessons I have received and being able to share them with you! I feel blessed to be able to honor you.

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