Monday, April 13, 2009

Sermon 13: Being selfish is a sin!

In the last blog I mentioned sexually selfish men and I wanted to elaborate on this. Now I am a big promoter of women taking control of their own ecstasy, but I have to admit some of you men make it real hard sometime.

Now men if you are doing some of these things that I will mention you need to stop right away. I have talked to numerous women who have told me that the man was all about his pleasure. He did not know the first thing to do, and when he came it was all over.There she was laying there unfulfilled, frustrated, sore and probably feeling used.

Now ladies most of us have had men who swear he is doing his thing and he would even say it "I'm the man, I tore that stuff up, I worked it out, I did the damn thing, I wore her out......" And you in your head are saying "what planet are you on."

Men, tearing it up are not necessarily what you want to do unless your partner likes it rough. Here are a few things you can do to ensure you are not committing a sin.

1.No Jack Hammering(going as fast and as hard as possible to rush to your ejaculation even when her coochie has dried). Be receptive to how she likes it. Watch for signs.

2. Learn some methods to retain your ejaculation and turn it into more energy and power, to work her out and benefit you in your life. Don't leave her hanging. If you just couldn't help it you have fingers and a tongue or whatever you all choose to use.

3. Don't rest your complete body weight on her and smother or hurt her. we are fragile sometime.

4.Take the time to pamper her, tell her she is the finest woman in the world. Foreplay starts before you get in the bed or wherever you do it.

Please feel free to add to this list in the comments section. If you are doing this, or need help to help your man get over it you need a "SEx MAkeOver." Get with me.

Let us Pray: Help us to know how to share our love. Show us the way to give selflessly all that we are and to receive with an open heart. Give Thanks!


  1. it'd be cool to come up with some names for these lames--the jackhammer, Ginsu Jones (cut'n up and sawing away), Flip Wilson (ahh only Prince has 99 positions on a 1 night stand), The Wrestler (perfectin' pretzel positions), Raptastic (mo lyrics than lovin')--the list could go on


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