Monday, April 20, 2009

Something Smells Fishy

Smells are very important for woman's arousal, but some of you fail to realize that smells are also important for men. Ladies please keep your coochie clean! The last thing a man wants is to be all excited and want to taste your sweet flower and he goes down and the flower smells like a rotting fish! Do you know how quick he will become limp?

A lot of woman use douches, sprays, lubricants, creams, perfume and on and on and on to keep the coochie smelling fresh. These toxic, unnatural products actually make you smell worse in the long run. They affect the coochie's natural ability to become wet as well. They are one of the causes of chronic yeast infections and other problems in that area.

The best cure for stinky coochie is simple. Change the way you eat. Keep unnatural products away from her and keep nasty penis' and other things out of her.

Please do not spray perfume on your coochie.

If you have issues with arousal and think a cream will help, think again. Short term maybe, long term you gonna have a stinking, sick, unresponsive coochie. I know someone who actually burned their coochie using an arousal gel. There are natural things you can do. And be very cautious about products that say natural ingredients or all natural. This could mean one ingredient in the list of 500 is natural. Stop poisoning the coochie.

Men actually like a pretty coochie that smells clean and fresh naturally.

Are you stressed? Your coochie smells like it. Our bodies try to find any way to release toxins. Stress causes sickness. It causes you to eat the wrong things and your body wants it out. The coochie will most likely be a way in which your body will release those toxins.

A sick coochie can really make you feel bad about yourself. It can make you feel less feminine, less sensual and completely unresponsive to sex.

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