Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sun Sex

I am sorry to have neglected this space. I was becoming familiar with other things like facebook. I don't think all of my racy escapades are appropriate there so I will save them for you.

Anyway, my love has been making me a morning person. Meaning making love in the morning or when the sun is shining and high in the sky. At first I fought this because I love making love in the light of the moon and I am such a night owl.Well I'm slowly becoming a morning person hehe.

I found that the energy has actually been higher for me, making love with the sun beaming on us. I love seeing his naked sweating body and he loves seeing mine. I love the fact that we can make love and still have time to do other things. I still love moon sex now don't get me wrong but sun sex has been so much FUN!! I also find visualization to be much more powerful for me under the sun.

So yesterday about 11am I am on the train and I can feel myself getting wet!! I am like so horny thinking about my man. I am meeting him at Lens Crafters and all I can think about was finding somewhere we can go real quick. LOL! I hate public restrooms so that was out and I didn't see any woods nearby. Damn!

So we take care of all of our business and I am like we need to go home in a hurry. He knew exactly what I was talking about. We finally got home and could barely get through the door before we started stripping and pulling at each others clothes. I used to think this was only in the movies.

The sun was beaming on us. The love was so powerful I felt drunk. I literally felt dizzy my hands were numb my body felt light as a feather. I was ecstatic. The energy of the sun, the mutual breathing, the visualization, the multiple orgasms and sounds took me in such a trance like state. I could feel nothing but bliss!! I mean pure bliss!!! I coulnd't help but giggle and move my body more and this threw me into another orgasm. I am lucky to have someone who knows and understands what a blissful trance looks like during sex. It could scare some LOL!

I was not drained afterwards neither was he. We had so much energy. Then came the storm. Lightening and thunder and pouring rain!! We brought the rain!!

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