Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tell Your Story! Breakthrough...

On my healing journey other women’s stories of success has often motivated me to go further. Being a survivor of sexual abuse I was often afraid to tell my story because of fear of rejection or feeling it would make me less of a person. I sought refuge in my writing. There I could make my healing a creative experience. In my writing I could be the most beautiful, the most sexual or successful woman even after being abused. I noticed in my creative writing pieces I was actually creating the woman I wanted to be and in some ways the women I have grown to be. I want to give other women that voice and creative space to create the women they want to be and share the women they have become.

Here is a chance to tell your story. I am now taking submissions for stories and poems for my up and coming book. Share your stories of what you have endured through abuse. Share your stories of how you made a breakthrough from rape, sexual, physical,emtional, or self abuse into being blissful and orgasmic. Use this to speak out against abuse as well. Breakthrrough!!!

Send all edited submissions to (women and men)For any further questions feel free to contact me there as well.

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