Friday, July 10, 2009

Same Ol'

I am sorting through a quick sand of feelings. On one level I am swelling with bliss and then I am drowning in confusion and sorrow. Sometime I feel like a stranger on this planet and I go through my life awaiting for my ride home. I feel like an abandoned child, sometimes confused of why I had to be here in the first place. "Why won't they understand, why don't they feel, how did it get this way,why is bad so good, why are the good made to be bad" are some of the reocurring echoes in my mind.

Then the wave of bliss. I know this is my choosing. And sometime I am at peace with the fact that I cannot fix everything. I can work on me, and I can do my part in healing those who are open and I love that. I have loving, beautiful happy people around me and that fills me up and keeps me going. Because sometime I want to say Fuck This and sometime I do, then I remember my purpose or am reminded by the beautiful ones.

A great reminder and energizer for me began on Monday. I started to teach dance and empowerment to 100 students ranging from the age of 8-12. They are from all backgrounds. I dance everyday for 5 hours straight, well with a 45 minute rest. Children are so full of life, so full of innocence and excitement. They are so ready to learn and experience something new. They inspire me so much and I strive to be more like them. They don't take life so seriously yet they learn and continue to grow while we grown folk push the harshness of the world on them. We want them to be successful or what we think is success. "Stop playing so much, get serious, stop being so silly." Is there a way to be successful and learn the lessons of life without takng the joy away? We should be more like them not make them be more like us! Love, play,learn,be excited about life for no reason at all but just because you get to live it. We will have all we need. There is no need to have fear. We can live our lives, we can be disciplined and focused without being stressed all of the damn time, without being tense,worried and uptight. It is possible.

I am a healer, I work with adults and children and I have a hard time coming to terms with those who do not understand this. Someone who knows the work I do told me that there may be a conflict with me doing children's programs because of the coaching I do and because of this blog. They said the parent's may have a problem with me being so open about sex. What the hell! Somebody was having sex, they all have children, and believe their children are doing it too and some shape or fashion or someone is telling them all about it. So this really pissed me off and also saddened me.

It's not like I am pushing porn or any other perverted form of sex. Actually when I teach children I don't talk about sex unless the age group is appropriate. (well to me all ages are appropriate, but not all agree and their children are in my care and I respect their decisions). I advocate the sacredness of sex. It is not bad or nasty but have been made this way by a ill world who wishes to control the power of the masses. It has been poisoned and I only wish to help in restoring the beautiful elixir to the people.

In some countries, children are being prepared as early as 10 years for their mate. Some are taught the art of love-making. How to please, the things to do and not to do, and how to prepare. We might as well face it our children are going to do it. If you try to keep it from them or tell them it is dirty or nasty or bad it will only become an obsession for them. It is a natural energy, a god given energy, the energy of love and creation. How dare we corrupt such a sacred thing. We are sick because we supress and repress this powerful energy. We fight beauty. Repression does not free us of anything. Learn how to make love. Learn sex and how to have it, because what we are doing currently is nothing compared to what we could be doing. Teach your children the beauty of sex/love. Then it will not be so taboo. Maybe then we wont have so much perversion to deal with.

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  1. well said & i completely agree. age-appropriate, comprehensive education on this matter is *crucial*.


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