Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sermon 14: Insightful Orgasms

The creator has given us magnificent tools to find our way through life. We have been given tools to live joyful, fulfilling lives. We have been told that we are not alone. That we will not be left alone in our times of despair if we have faith, if we know the power and call on the creator in our times of need. We can conjure up that power that is shared with us.

Orgasms are one of the many tools that we have to share in the power. They are one of the many tools that we have so that we may hear what the universe or the divine wants or needs us to hear. Orgasm is so powerful, if used as such that we can receive the answers to all the mysteries of the universe or just a dire question in our lives.

The bliss of the experience brings us closer to God. In that moment we have no thoughts. We are free from judgement. We are experiencing something out of this world when we consciously let that pleasure flow to different parts of the body and into the heart experiencing only the ecstasy and oneness.

You can do this by breathing deeply and visualizing the flow of the energy as a white light moving through your body and especially beaming more intensely at the heart, the middle of our forehead, and the top of your head. You won't be able to help but smile and moan.

Just lay there if you can during and after your orgasm breathing deeply with your eyes closed and open for your answers our any other insights. They will come don't force it just stay with the ecstasy. If you want you can write down any questions before hand or keep them in your awareness while you are experiencing pleasure. Don't forget to write your insights down when you come back.

If this seems like a lot and you just want to get it in, remember you will have those times, however we must take advantage of these gifts that the creator gives us to be powerful, successful and happy. What better way to do it. You cant lose with this one.

Let us Pray: Thank you for reminding us that you did not leave us in a desert without necessities to return home. You give us the gift of pleasure so we may triumphantly get through the pain. we thank you for sharing your abundance with us!
Give Thanks!


  1. Ever so true. Instead of wasting our energies on "gettin' some" we could work to maintain that which we already have. Good post...


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