Monday, August 24, 2009

Sermon 15: Jealousy is non-orgasmic

Our beauty is expressed in many different ways. It is expressed in different sizes, shapes, colors and tones. Yet we all become so caught up in how someone else's beauty is expressed. Most times it is not in an appreciative manner either. It is not, "Oh she is so beautiful, it is "she is more beautiful than I, she is more successful, he is more popular, sings better, dresses better, better ideas, capitalized on that idea and I didn't" and so on and so forth. We have so many hangups with this to the point where it makes us literally crazy.

There is so much anxiousness about being "ideal" or how others view us that the insecurities become a detriment to our sexual responsiveness.

Sometime women when seeing other beautiful women will automatically think, "if my man sees her he is going to want her. Or that is really the kind of woman my man likes." If you have this type of insecurity of course it is going to exude from you, that is not sexy. Even in the sexual act, that will show up because maybe you don't feel as skinny as she, so you will keep your shirt on. Or maybe you think because she seems so confident that she is great in bed so you want to do all the nasty freaky things so he will only want you. Not because you want too, or find enjoyment form those things. He may find the woman or women that you are so obsessed with to be repulsive you never know. But if he doesn't that is ok, Men are naturally attracted to women and there are more beautiful women on earth than just you. But you know what, he is with you. So work on it and make it a happy union where you feel honored and beautiful.

I mean it is not that serious that her butt is shaped different than hers, yours is beautiful too. Does it really matter that her hair is longer, your short hair brings out your cheekbones, and your smile brightens a room and your intelligent as hell. Learn to find the wonderful things about you. Say, "she is beautiful, and so am I." that will stop that jealousy spirit in its tracks.

Men, if you are extremely jealous,if your woman cannot walk 5 paces alone without you having a heart attack, or you have to know what she is doing, who she talked to, where she went every second, there can be some problems in your love life. Love does not have to be controlling. She is going to shut down sexually. She is not going to want to give it too you as she would if she felt happy and allowed to be who she is. I mean women love a strong fiery man who is going to protect her, but not an insecure man who is going to flip out if he even thinks another man is looking at her. This is a sign of some major insecurities that will show up in the relationship sometimes as physical abuse. What woman wants to have sex with a man she is afraid of.

We all have to work on ways that we can see and appreciate who we are and what we have to offer. We all have great things, even if we do not see them right now. I challenge you to find 5 things right now that make you great! Having confidence is sexy!

Let us pray: We know that because we have come from you, the great universe, we must be special. Help us to see this and feel this everyday. Help us to not be resentful of others because we can see clearly their beauty, when it is difficult for us to appreciate our own, but allow them to be mirrors to help us to see our greatness. Give Thanks!


    My HUE
    Gave Birth to 3 Suns 1 Dawta
    My SMILE =).......5 things that make me GREAT
    Great post Queen Truth & nothing but the Truth!!!

  2. yes sis sayeeda, you are the truth, shine on love ya

  3. Yes! Very well said! We are all special! I practice the art of appreciation everyday, I find that this helps whenever there is a sense of insecurity wanting to pop out it's head.
    It could be for whatever reason, I just don't give in.
    Good post! I found you through Incense, Oils, and Good Lovin'.

  4. well said. i cannot abide jealousy, even in friendships. but it becomes even more egregious in intimate relationships.


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