Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Orgasm Over-dose

Have you ever felt like you just got high on the best drug ever after having sex. Did you find it hard to keep your eyes open and somehow noticed you were nodding like you took a hit of some GOOD STUFF. What about your hands, did they tingle and become limp. Did your legs shake uncontrollably and you finally realized you just could not take any more.

Oh and your face, did it contort without your consent, and did the moans compose an extended symphony from your mouth. Did you feel like you could fly? Were you possessed by laughter?

Where you unable to resist excess praises of your partner?

Well this sounds like you overdosed, overdosed on orgasm. This is a good thing. This is where the magic comes in. The overwhelming bliss. The time when everything seems perfect.

An orgasmic overdose may leave your body comatose for a bit, while it experiences the multi- levels of ecstasy. While this is happening your spirit is rejoicing and the universe is asking you to impregnate it with your wishes while it implants its seeds of clarity in your heart. AHHHHH ORGASM!

You should never feel depleted after an orgasm. You may have ecstasy coma, but you should feel renewed, blissful, happy, in love (with everything), powerful,sexy and on and on.

Let me tell you how to get your overdose. Do you think your ready for this? It is the best high you can ever dream of.

Make sure you are thoroughly aroused before hand, or if you are not and you start sex any way make sure you become aroused. Get in your favorite position(s) and ride that out to the point of orgasm. When you reach orgasm don't stop! Just go a little slower than speed it up again, another will follow. Allow your body to experience the waves. When you think you had enough breath and take some more, another will follow. Think sexy thoughts. Stay present, continue to bring your thoughts back to that moment. (or fantasize if that helps) Do not hold back any screams contortions whatever. Forget about what you look like. Relax, and breath into the pleasure. If your face contortions are bothering you to the point where you are focusing on how you look and not the pleasure put a pillow over your face and scream into it all you want.

You will know when enough is really enough but don't stop to soon. Happy orgasm!


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