Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sermon 17: Healing Waters

He took her by the hand and led her to the couch. "I have a gift for you," he said. She sat on the couch as he knelt in front of her removed her sweater. He kissed her neck. He kissed her shoulders the creases in her arms. He gently pulled her hair allowing her head to give way so he could lick the nape of her neck.

He began to remove the rest of her clothing. Her mind was telling her to resist, because he is new, but her body and spirit would not listen to her mind chatter for once. She didn't know why maybe he had some kind of magic.

She allowed him to disrobe her as her mouth moaned on its own. He lay her back. Her breath was heavy as ever. He just touched lightly, gliding his warm hands across her body.

She moaned louder and bit her bottom lip. He smiled knowing she was beginning to boil. She arched her back and scratched his arms trying to pull him closer.

He knew she was ready. She frantically removed his clothes and pulled him atop her. But he would not enter. She was confused. "It's time for that gift" he said. "What!? she cried back.

He licked his fingers and found his way through her bush. He entered his fingers with a deep thrust that shocked her into ecstasy. He did not stop. This was unlike anything she ever felt. She was frightened but it felt good. She was embarrassed but it still felt good. Than it was overwhelming and she wanted him to stop. He just said "Don't be afraid of your gift" and kept going. She felt vulnerable but safe. She did not know what was happening.

"Breathe," he said and she did. She let out a moan that sounded more like a cry. "What are you touching it feels funny?" she asked. "Your healing button, he said, breathe and trust me right now and your healing waters will flow." She did.

Her body began to shake. Her moans became even louder. Her tears came first. She cried aloud as she felt her body and spirit surrendering. Surrender to bliss, to life, to love, to happiness, to healing, to growth and clarity, to being feminine to being orgasmic! happened all in one Gush. She just felt all this warm liquid release with her intense pleasure. She had baptizes his hand

She just lay there paralyzed with bliss and wonder. He smiled, "welcome to a new life."

She got up curious to see what she was laying in. The couch was soaked with her healing. She was purified.

Stay tuned for another post on female ejaculation and its benefits and how to achieve it.

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