Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Magic Ride

It is said that the sun makes people more sexual, but Calah was feeling nothing of the sort. She was sweaty sticky and steaming hot. She had just got off of work and had to wait for the city bus. The sun was breathing its last sensual breath, burning the sky with crimson hues. Her short waitress sundress clung to her sticky body, especially her curvaceous behind showing her lace panties. Her breast glistened with sweat and the glow of the crimson sky, as if she had been massaging them with oil. She pulled back her long brown hair in a loose pony tail. Then she moistened her thick lips with her water from a bottle and poured the rest over her head.

Calah sat down on the bench. “Wow, my feet hurt” she thought removing one of her sandals. I should have known not to wear these things to work again. She massaged her foot until the bus pulled in front of her. “Ah man no seats! She said louder then she wanted or knew. She pushed her self through the heavy staring crowd. The men were pleased about this. They got to feel her hot voluptuous body rubbing against them for a second. She ignored the looks and licking lips and comments from the men. She reached the middle of the bus and grabbed a pole to hold so she wouldn’t fall over with the rocking bus.

Her heart beat fast, behind her was this guy that she had a secret crush. He never seemed to notice her everyday on the bus like the other guys. When there were seats he was usually reading or glaring out the window.

He was a normal looking guy, nothing different about him; Calah just thought he was so sexy. He wore these flowing linen shirts open enough to see part of his chest. She could tell he worked out, she could see his quads popping through. She would often go home and think of him. She would touch and rub herself until she was wet. She would imagine making love to him. This would bring her to soft moans and sighs as she felt the orgasmic energy tingle through her body.

There she stood in front of him trying to contain herself, her chest falling up and down rapidly. Then she felt a trickle down her leg. “Oh no,” she thought. “Why now someone is going to think I’ve had an accident.” She rubbed her legs together trying to rub the wetness off but it kept coming. “Oh god oh god.” Her mind was racing; she was panicking, then the bus stopped with a sudden jolt almost knocking everyone over. The people screamed with fright and the lights went out.

“What the hell”! Calah shouted. It was pitched black. She couldn’t even see her hand in front of her face. “Well at least no one will see me dripping she said. I could wipe it real fast before this bus starts moving. “Passengers we have broken down in a tunnel. Hopefully we will be moving shortly I have called for help. Please be patient I know it is hot.” The bus smelled of sweat and fury. Everyone was talking and complaining in a worried uproar.

Calah bent over to wipe her soaked legs. In a frightened shock, she felt hands wrap around her waste and pull her in. She smiled mischievously and rose up. “You feel this,” her crush said making her yoni swell with nectar again. “I’ve wanted you for a long time. I can’t, I don’t want to wait anymore. Let me in.” he put his hand under her dress and rubbed her from front to back. Calah was anxious and panting already. She ached for his touch as her sacred spot spasmed yearning for a caress against her g spot. She grabbed the pole with two hands and bent over; she pushed back firmly and began to move on him. He lifted her dress exposing her lace covered voluptuousness. She stood on her toes lifting her behind higher and he pulled his phallus from his shorts. He pulled her panties to the side and pushed his phallus into her anxious yoni. She couldn’t help but moan loudly. He felt good as he thrust deep into Calah. He roared and moaned with his head tilted back in ecstasy. Her yoni was tight and wrapped around his phallus like a tight friendly hand. They could feel their energy intertwining and vibrating into each others body. They were so engulfed in extreme bliss that they hadn’t noticed the bright yellow light emanating from their bodies illuminating the bus.

The others passengers did however. They stared in amazement. These people were having sex on the bus! An almost blinding magical light surrounded them. They were all caught up in the intensity of it that they could not protest.
Calah and her crush continued not noticing their audience. The louder they moaned the more vibrant the light became. As they began to move faster and stronger the light sent tremors through the bus. They screamed and moaned, he plunged harder and faster until they both exploded in an intense rapture of ecstatic pleasure. The light swarmed the entire bus and filled all of the passengers with an intoxicating frenzy. They all laughed with joy and delight. They were completely eclipsed with passion and affection. Everyone became relaxed and comfortable. All the tension and worry left the other passengers. There was complete peace.

Calah and her crush came down from their intoxication to see this completely electrifying sight. All the passengers were carrying blissful smiles on their faces. Some were having orgasmic convulsions. This was some kind of sex magic some of the passengers concluded. Who were these people? They seemed like regular people like everyone else on the bus so how could they make a whole bus experience bliss from their bold encounter? Calah and her crush were just as confused but they knew they had created something in their orgasm and it was indeed magic.

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