Thursday, January 28, 2010

Master of my Own Energy

Not all the time do we have the benefit of having a partner to share our energy or practice our love skills. There are also those times when we just want to enjoy ourselves or need to be satisfied right away. That is where self-pleasuring comes in.

Masturbation can drain energy, cause one to become hypersexual and to dependent on fantasy. It can also desensitize you making it harder to receive pleasure from a partner especially if vibrators are being used.

Although there are negative effects from masturbation, there are also some great benefits if used for the purposes of healing, gaining energy and learning oneself.

Masturbation can be a powerful experience of self-exploration and used for meditation. Just as in partner love, you are able to manipulate and move energy for the purpose of healing and full body orgasms. This way you gain energy instead of losing it. Masturbation teaches you to stay present. Learning to use instead of lose the powerful energy of orgasm in masturbation takes focus and practice. However, it is the most pleasurable discipline you will experience. You get to recycle your energy and use it for other things, like going harder on that workout or starting that business you always dreamed. You can use it to prepare yourself for the partner you desire or having that extra spunk to take care of your children. You can even use it to change habits and form new ones that benefit you. When masturbation is used for more than “getting off”, you will feel powerful and invigorated. It is also a great way to learn what you like so you may teach your partner. Yes, all of this! Who knew? Whatever you want, it is possible. It is your sexual energy and power to do and create whatever your hearts desire. It is that powerful.

This is energy well spent.

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