Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Work That

So, I have noticed I am a very old school type of woman. My grandma would always tell me, "Never approach a man, ladies don't do that." Now I have expressed this to other women and a lot of them say, “what century are you living in!" However, I still carry this. I, to this day, have never approached a man. Not that I am afraid, I just have come accustomed to this. Well, I won’t lie, sometime I really want to but I like to wait and see, use my feminine magic to get my way, for example.

There is this guy I have been scoping during my morning commute. He is so FINE and I really want to talk to him. Every time he gets on the bus it is super crowded and he cannot see me so I can't give him the "look"! You know the "look," sweet, naughty, shy, I really want to talk to you so come over here and get the digits so maybe you can get it look.

We get off the bus at the same time so I came up with a plan. One day when we got off I decided to catch up with him and walk pass him, just so he can see me. I would send him some energy as I pass just for extra affect. Ok so the crowded bus is emptying and I am trying to keep my eye on him. We both are off and heading for the train. I am behind him and get to check him out even more. He has the nicest butt! He is tall, slim and looks professional and focused. Oh no, he starts to run for the train, damn, ok quick, I had to think of something. I pretend I am rushing for the train as well. Now on the platform, no train yet, here is my chance. I begin my sexy professional strut. All the men on the platform are following me with their eyes. He is looking down at his Kindle. Just as I was about to pass him, here comes the noisy train and he rushes to the front. I rush towards the front car as well. By this time I am cracking up at myself. I can't believe I am doing all of this. It was a fun eventful morning.

So now I am in the same car as he. He stands. There are seats but I decide to walk near him and stand. He is at that Kindle again. Another man tells me I am beautiful. I say thank you, and he looks up, finally! Yes, he looks at me like "wow he is right" I wanted to give him the look, now, yes this is it, but this man won’t shut up! He keeps asking me questions and I am being polite. Finally I was about to do it....He is back at the Kindle. Sigh.

We get off again at the same time for yet another train. He is walking ahead again. We get underground he sits. I go the other way that leads to where he is just to be modest. I am walking near him. I see him look up and stare at me all the way until I am in place. I look at him he responds with his eyes. I place my laptop bag on the bench, stand and wait. He will be coming in no time. I feel him preparing himself, and then my train comes. I have to get on because I am running late; unfortunately we do not share this train.

So, I'm assuming your thinking all of that could have been avoided if I had just said something. Probably, but I enjoy being coy. I am wondering if I would get the chance again, who knows but I know I do love seeing my feminine power in action. I do not have to loud and obnoxious to get attention. I don’t even have to say a word.

Someone asked me once do I think women should be more passive and the men aggressive. I think it is relative. I know for me and just by observing and speaking with many of my clients, women accomplish more, feel more at peace, beautiful, sensual, are more likely to have orgasms, happier, feel more self-assured, and powerful when they flow. There is less sickness and worry.

A woman has many different personalities. She can be fire or water at times, however it does not serve a woman to be fire (aggressor, yang) all of the time. A woman's nature is water (passive, yin, qualities of the moon). She can cause all to flow beautifully and serenely, but also cause destructive tsunamis. If a woman carries to much fire her womb eventually burns out. This manifests as hostile dispositions, being non-orgasmic, extreme anger, dis-ease, bitterness, fear, and defensiveness to name a few.

Being a bit reserved at times saves energy and opens the way for ecstasy, joy and prosperity to flow right on into your life. Coquettish or sweetness from a woman gets her a lot more than mean and nastiness. There is no power in Bitch. It is all false, an illusion. An illusion filled with fear and self hate.
I have gotten all that I have wanted. Every man that I was interested in has approached me, first and I never said a word. Sweet energy did the trick. Feminine grace and an inviting disposition helped. You better work that, ladies, feminine power that is.

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