Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Coochi Church Blasphemous?

The Coochi Church- a space of healing,empowerment and pure bliss. The Coochi Church is indeed a sacred space helping us to connect and communicate in the purest of forms. It brings transformational information on sex, spirituality,health and so much more (not as if these are separate).

I love you all, we really must get our priorities together. I have been called blasphemous,hood and all other kinds of criticism on this name. Today I got mail from someone saying "I will have to live with my choice." What was this implying? This makes me wonder if the complete movement of healing has been ignored.

My company Dripping Bliss helps many every day live their best lives,happy,free,sensual, healed and in complete bliss. However I have to say that as a healer these things can be a bit alarming and disheartening.

My work includes helping people to see there is no separation in the divine and sex but it is one, and in this ritual you are able to experience that. Sex and sensuality can be used as a form of praise or worship to become closer to your god. This is a great gift, it was created for you. It is powerful. how can we miss this, it is the reason we are here.

How are you ever to heal if you do not open and come out of your comfort zones?

In choosing this name, my vision was to bring people together especially women and enlighten them around the great power of the sweet feminine energy. This quickly grew to all people because I saw the need for proper communication and lessons in love. I saw the need to heal for everyone and wanted to help do this. I have worked with both men and women and have seen the lack of living truly joyful and sensual lives on both ends. I saw the lack in honoring self and others. I knew we needed to get together and change this to see the god in each other once again.I began The Coochi Church.

So when i get mail saying I need to change the name, I ask for what, as if god did not make coochi. Coochi is the portal in which life comes forth! Coochi will heal this world because when you have happy healthy coochies you bring forth happiness and health. So hell no The Coochi Church is not going anywhere and I will continue to spread this message and contiinue to manifest healing and power. I will continue to assist those who come to finally live the beauty they desire.

I love support and suggestions for we do this together. Please be open and come from a place of love and continued growth. (and actually read before commenting just by the name)
Be In Bliss!

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