Thursday, April 1, 2010

Woo Hoo! The Art of Wooing

Back in the day courting was the thing to do (from what I have been told). Men did not approach a woman without the proper thought and advance. A lot of the time if he could not pass the tests of the parents he did not even get to the girl. This meant his strategy had to be precise. He had to be sincere and genuine in his woos to win both the family and his interest over.

Fast-forwarding to today, standards have become very low if they exist at all and chivalry is ever dying. Children no longer seem to be receiving the message that one must be deserving of your affection and time, as you have to deserve theirs. Fathers are not in the home protecting their daughters and teaching their boys properly the ways of being a polished man. Mothers are over-stressed and bitter so they cannot show their daughters by example the power of a relaxed, receptive, feminine woman. Their sons also do not have an example of what to look for in a woman.

There is a lot to be learned from the good old days. The power of wooing is one of these things. Wooing is defined as, to seek the affection of with intent to romance, to court a woman.

Too many men have lost this most important skill. Wooing is a very powerful talent. Wooing, if done properly can and will have a woman melting in your hands. If done properly, it will not take long for her guards, inhibitions and reluctance to come tumbling down. She will be yours. She will want to give you all that she has in regards to love and affection. She will protect you, support you, honor you and be extremely loyal. She will be the best lover for you, learning all the tricks to keep your mind only on her. Yes, wooing if done the right way will have her wet and ready for you all the time. You will occupy the majority of her thoughts. She will be anxious for you and crave you. Yes, wooing if done the right way will give you one incredible woman and one dynamic freak.

Since a lot of the ability to be orgasmic starts in the mind, wooing sets her up to be explosive. Men, if you set the proper mood, meaning you know what to say at the right times, you know what she likes, if you mix the proper amounts of gentleness and fire you are giving foreplay for the mind. If you know that you need to keep your personal hygiene intact, this includes teeth and nails, if you smell nice and look well put together this is foreplay for the senses. Even if she is not ready to take it there with you, believe me, it will not be long.

Now you may say, “how do I know what to say at the right times, women are so sensitive. Or how am I to know what she wants?” this is where the sincere listening comes in. if you really want to know you will learn her. A woman knows fake wooing, and when a man is just trying to hard. Her intuitive nature will notice it right away and it will be a complete turn off. This has to be something that you feel genuinely. You have to honestly feel her. That way all of your smoothness, your swag and passion about pleasing her come natural.

She wants to feel wanted and needed. She wants to feel as if she is the most beautiful woman in the world to you and that none other even exists when she is with you, even if she knows and is ok with you being with other women. She wants to know that you will protect her, that she can count on you. This is all starts in wooing.

There are still men who can woo a woman’s panties right off. This only happens with women who are receptive and open. I have talked to women who are not, and have become so accustomed to negative ways of relating that they feel a man is always up to something if he is doing any wooing. They feel there is always an ulterior motive, it is either he is just trying to have sex with her or use her for something else.

Then there are the women who do not appreciate the wooing. They show extreme selfishness and spoiled attitudes. They will make a man feel like all of his efforts are wasted and attempt to make him feel low.

There are women who no matter how much a man do it is never enough. She holds on to her detrimental ideals, her mistrust and disdain. These women do not receive wooing and need other means of becoming open. Do not become disheartened. The feminine beauty is in there, injurious circumstances have made her this way. Move on or work through it with her if you believe you can deal with that.

I personally love a man who takes his skill (wooing) seriously. It is the sexiest thing in the world. It shows he actually put some thought into who I am. It shows that he cares about pleasing me and that he knows how to keep himself together.

Try it men, take a journey back to the good old days. It works!

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