Wednesday, June 30, 2010


If you ask me, sex is not sex without kissing. I mean deep passionate kisses, those spontaneous kisses. The kisses you can barely give because you are too weak from bliss.

There is a certain connection that happens with a kiss. A kiss is extremely intimate and can sometime be more intimate than penetration. During sex a deep kiss can mean the difference in good sex and great sex. It can mean whether a deeper connection is being made on more than a genital level.

There is a reason for this. Tongue kissing is more spiritual than we thought. The tip of the tongue is associated with the heart. So when you kiss you are making a heart connection. It allows the energy flow to be locked and travel between the two. Think about your last really good kiss. Did it not feel as if you were transported to another world, a sensual world full of pure bliss where nothing else mattered but that moment?

Some time you will have partners who do not want to kiss. Most times this is because they are only interested in making a genital connection. Kissing may be too personal for them. It really is now that we know it connects the heart. If you are with a new partner and you notice they won’t kiss you during sex or you don't feel comfortable kissing them, this is probably a sign that you need to work on getting to know each other more. I mean if it is not hygiene issues of course, but that is a topic for another blog.

Some women say "If you're not lickin' you're not stickin'." Well, for me this is kissing. If you're not kissing you not lickin,stickin' hittin or anything else. For me this means we have not reached a level of intimacy or trust and I cannot see giving of the rest of me if we cannot meet at this level.

A great kiss can make you feel loved and beautiful. I can make you feel sexy and wanted. It can also give you those feelings of being in love. Be conscious of your love-making. Are the lips being avoided? I mean the ones on your face. Why? Do you want a deeper connection or are you ok with the base level? It is up to you.

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