Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jade Eggs

I have been using the Jade Egg for some years now with great sexual and health benefits.

I (Dripping Bliss) has pure and natural jade eggs, which are sturdy, smooth and non-porous. These eggs are drilled just for dripping bliss costumers.

I am so excited to provide this gift for you.

Your jade egg will also come with a beautiful silk pouch

Let me tell you a bit about the Jade egg. The Jade egg has been used in China and other civilizations for centuries to aid women in tightening their vagina muscles to have enhanced sexual sensitivity for them and their lovers. It is a over 2000 year old practice and was a secret! Doing vaginal exercises with the egg also increases blood flow to the area which means more pleasure! They are used to assist women in having more harmonious menstrual cycles. You gain mastery over your muscles.

This can be a spiritual experience as well since you are awakening your life force energy, your chi or sexual energy. While using the egg you will be moving that powerful energy in upwards and it then can be used to have a deep sexual spiritual experience. The egg heightens your chance of being an explosively orgasmic woman.

Using the egg prevents many debilitating post-pregnancy problems, assuring easy childbirth, recovery, and healing including incontinence issues for all ages. Jade eggs help to prevent prolapse and promotes uterine and bladder health.

Using a Jade Egg increases lubrication and libido. Another great benefit is that it pulls toxins from the vagina and womb area. I mean the benefits are endless.

The egg is drilled to provide easy removal by adding a string. Or as you become more proficient in your practice you can add weights for vaginal weight lifting!

You can restore your vagina to a healthy,tighter stage, nearly virginal.

I am now offering a special package deal on my powerful class series The Sexpert's Secrets to Being a Multi-orgasmic Woman,  and the Jade egg all for only $50! Yes you get both classes that promises to change your sexual/sensual health life and the magical jade egg and pouch for a deal of $50, a 20% discount!! Hurry they will go fast first come first served.


Jade egg Package Deal

Jade Egg and Free Silk Pouch

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