Sunday, December 18, 2011

Change Your Life Today!!

Have You Ever Had an Orgasm? is the ultimate guide to reclaiming your feminine power and being a fully empowered and orgasmic woman that creates magic and miracles at her whim. It is your birthright to be a happy, healthy, and sexually fulfilled woman and this book provides you with the tools and information you need to manifest this birthright. Over 78 percent of women today are non-orgasmic and even more suffer from low self-worth/negative self-image, unfulfilled relationships, limiting beliefs, and negative emotional trauma. In the midst of all this, women have lost their feminine power and nature and their sense of passion and purpose. This book teaches women how to transform the lack that they are experiencing into abundance and bliss! In order to be an abundant and happy woman, you must be orgasmic, accept your sexuality, and recognize and embrace the power of being feminine. Have You Ever Had an Orgasm? provides you with the down to earth information you need 

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