Friday, August 31, 2012

For The Goddess In You Class Series

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Hello Ladies ,

Do you want the power of a goddess? No really I’m serious. Do you know a goddess is just a woman who has tapped into what it means to be a whole woman and embraces the power in her femininity?

You are already a magical and valuable woman but I want to take you to another level and I know you want to go there it is not a mistake you are here. You were led to this page for a reason. This is your breakthrough.

My name is Jamilla Manigault and I want to personally invite you to take part in something that is going to be so powerful for your life. I mean that is if you can use an upgrade for your life.

Do you want to feel better and finally have the things in your life that you desire? Are ready to let go of the things that are holding you back the heartache and the bitterness, the old habits. Do you want to finally be in the sexy body that you desire, how about the lifestyle you want to live are you there? Are you ready to heal your life, to forgive, to just move forward and be the best you ever? If so I want to invite you to join me on this journey to get you into that space.

Many of you don’t even know that you are holding on to old trauma and old ways that are literally blocking you from progress. You are settling for less than what you deserve and repeating hard lessons over and over again.

We all know that woman who continues to find the same kind of man over and over only to end up getting her heart broken. Or the woman stuck in a dead end career or the woman who feels so low about herself that she hates others for being confident. You may be her? Its ok this is not a judgment but don’t you want better? You definitely deserve to feel empowered, happy, healthy and loved.

If you agree that you just want to feel good and have the best. Then let me help you bring out your inner goddess. What does a powerful goddess look like for you? Who is the number one woman you admire with all the beauty and class you want? It does not have to be so elusive; you don’t have to wish you were her or have what she has. It is right here, the entire woman you desire to be.

I know changing your life for the better is not an easy task and the average woman will not seek the tools and do the work and that is why she will stay average and ordinary. These are the women who will stay complaining about life and everybody around them and will continue attract mediocre relationships; she will continue to be unfulfilled sexually and be jealous of other beautiful women because they are taking the time to take care of themselves.

This is only for you if you are ready to go from being an average run of the mill woman into a powerful goddess that can make the world eat from her hands, the full package, beauty, intelligence, sexy, pleasurable, free and spiritually sound. A woman that the universe and everything in it bows to her every whim.

Yes you might be the envy of most after this, but hey, what beautiful woman isn’t?
Don’t get me wrong I was not always there myself. Like many women I came from a tumultuous life of abuse from others and self. I used drugs, slept on the streets and did things unimaginable. I was very angry with a quick temper.

My self esteem was shot I was jealous and hateful. I also had to find the goddess in me. With the help of some really important people in my life and some wonderful teachers I took a hard and necessary look at myself and began the change by incorporating many of the things that I teach in this class series that I am inviting you to share with me. I have spent the last 15 years of my life under teachers and spiritual masters and getting the experience I need to help you enjoy a blissful life.

“For the Goddess In You Class Series” will allow you to make a complete and total change so you can live an overall fulfilled life.

For less than the price of getting your hair done you can have a complete inward and outward upgrade to your life. No amount of makeup, hairdo or clothes can cover up an unhappy mean spirited woman.

In my class series you will learn:

How to heal and let go of heartache and pain
How to become the completely confident woman that everyone envies
How to fall totally in love with yourself
How to get in the best health and shape of your life through diet and herbs
How to open yourself to pleasure and become a completely orgasmic woman
How to please and have anyone melt in your hands
How to use your pleasure to attract the things you desire in your life whether it be a soul mate, money or a new car.

In five classes you will have a complete system for creating and living the life of your dream.

Class 1: Healing Heartache and Emotional Pain

Class 2: Worshiping Self and Achieving Unshakeable Self-Love

Class 3: The Health of a Goddess

Class 4: The Art of Pleasing and Being Pleased

Class 5: The Hidden Magical Powers of Sex and Orgasm

Don’t you think it is about time to walk in your power and say yes to bliss yes to healing and yes to being an extraordinary goddess?

Now is the time to step completely into your power as a woman, as a goddess who knows what she wants and gets every bit of it. Are you ready? A goddess who looks the way she wants, lives the way she wants and feels the way she wants. Just say yes to your power and bliss and click below to upgrade your life. I offered this class series as a test run just to prove how powerful it is and here is what some other women had to say about the classes.

One more thing I am so serious about helping you be the goddess you desire that I am offering this class series that is a $300 value for only $59.95 and I am so sure that your life will be totally benefited by this that I am offering a 60 day money back guarantee. If you don’t find value in this simply get your money back. Just click the link and get started today on the journey to the new and powerful you with the powers of a goddess. The goddess in you deserves this.

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