Tuesday, June 10, 2008

sensuality in sex (bringing sensuality back)

Sensuality and sex are different but they go together like a pea in a pod. Sensuality can and should be had in daily life, in everything you do. If you are living sensually you are in the moment experiencing and savoring everything in your moment.

You experience greater enjoyment from sex when you are able to be sensual. You don't have to be critical or judgemental, but giving yourself fully to the sensation of pleasure. You taste, smell, hear with a greater awareness and appreciation.

When you began to live sensually you cultivate gratitude and a greater love for the world. We all can cultivate sensuality. It is a magic that we all can master.

Learning how to be in the moment is very important in sexual encounters. So many times women do not find fulfillment from sex because the mind oscillates and they forget to relax and pay attention to the senses.

Pay attention to your skin, how that touch feels or how his skin feels against yours. Pay attention to the sounds of the moans. Make the room smell good and enjoy the scents. These things can seem so simple, but these simple things can be responsible for your intense mind blowing orgasm.

Take some time for yourself. Take a day to slow down. Stop and smell the flowers or look at the trees. How does the air smell. When was the last time you looked at the sky. Eat slower and taste every molecule. Take a bath and caress yourself with your eyes closed. Drink a cup of tea with your eyes closed.

Even in this busy world, we can always make time for sensuality. If you are sitting at your computer you can just softly caress your neck, face or leg, whatever is accessible. It only takes a second, but that second could bring you back into the moment, it can bring a smile to your face and heart and it can bring you enjoyment. No more excuses, get your sensuality daily.

sugar shock

I have worked hard to be the sensual women I am. I truly pride myself with being a genuine, sweet, loving, warm hearted,orgasmic, and ambitious woman. Although I know there is much more growing and experiencing to do, I am happy with my growth.

Looking back, it has been an extensive process of self healing. Looking forward I am excited about sharing my experiences with other women so maybe they can also use my experiences for healing.

Learning self love his hard work. Your attitude changes. The way you see the world changes, and how you interact with other people changes.

One thing I found very disheartening is how others that may not have experienced this change fully reacts to people who have become self loving and comfortable with themselves. Or they have become so used to being or experiencing one thing that it seems like that is the only way.

I have noticed that when I interact with certain men, whether it is dating or talking on the phone or setting up sessions they cannot believe I am so sweet. They think it is a game or I am faking. (A good number of men love and appreciate it) I have heard "Are you always this sweet," or "Are you for real, no one is like this anymore," or "You are truly rare," or "Something is up, you have to be crazy or something, I am waiting for you to snap, no one is that happy."

Some men are really shocked to have, see and feel a sweetly feminine woman. There have been men that actually stopped talking to me because they thought it couldn't be true. It began to seem to me that men like for women to be mean.

I asked one of my good male friends why this is so. He told me that men are not used to genuinely sweet women. He also said that mean women pose a challenge for men, and we all know men like a challenge. But when they are in the relationship they do not like all the drama so would prefer a sweet feminine woman. He went on to say that most men do not like masculine women, they are too confrontational and competitive and they enjoy sex more with a feminine woman. People also have so many walls and guards around themselves and have trouble being open.

So this explained to me in a way why men go into shock when they experience all of this sugar.

I also notice that women go into a form of shock. It is called jealousy or envy. When women see other women that are comfortable with themselves, confident, sweet and loving they sometime feel jealousy or envy. (there are a good number of women who don't experience this) They see something that they wish they had, or may also feel the other woman is phony. You here things like, "Who does she think she is," or "She is not all that." Women even look for things that are wrong with other women to make themselves feel better. They sabotage each other, gossip, lie, betray and just are down right mean.

They don't realize they have all the same gifts as that woman that has found self love. We all are beautifully creative, luscious, sensual, delicious women. Some just have to remember.

When this breakthrough happens our Divine Feminine will be seen, loved and appreciated. We won't find so many ill people looking for their insulin shots, because the sweetly feminine woman will no longer be such an oddity. As the saying goes "Heal a woman, Heal a nation.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sweet and Hot

I have been thinking a bit about my fire and my sweetness. There was a time in my life where I was so fiery, I didn't know how to control it. I would curse and scream, fight and throw things, you know all that stuff we women do and justify it as being a warrior goddess. Then there was a time where I felt so sweet I loved everyone and everything, the smallest things made me cry and I had a hard time speaking my mind because I was afraid of hurting people or causing conflict. I just wanted everyone to be happy. So where is the balance. I pride myself with being a lover and warrior woman, or are they the same?
Warriors are focused and passionate. They fight to bring justice freedom and change, in turn this will bring happiness. They love intensely and exude and spread power.
I think woman confuse(at least i have in the past) sweetness for weakness and unchanneled anger and fire as power. We feel if we "go off" it will get our point across and its okay because that is just out sekhmet energy or Kali energy and besides they deserved it. Really by doing this you are destroying your own health and the vibrations around you become negative and distorted. You are not really channeling the energy of these warrior love nurturer goddesses but being detrimental to an environment of healing and progression.
I know now that there are ways to assert myself and still keep my spirit of love and sweetness. I know that I can bring an whole empire to ruin through my natural ability as a woman to be sweet, seductive, sensual enticing and calm. I know that this does not take away from me being a warrior goddess but this is her very nature and when it is truly time to fight in whatever form whether it is taking up arms or speaking, I can stand up and do it with no fear because i have preserved, focused and made my energy more vibrant.
We fight the wrong people. Unless that person is threatening you or the ones you protect with physical harm or a harm that threatens your livelihood, there is no need to fight him or whomever physically. There is no need to get all irate and ugly. That's what it is, ugly. I bet if you could go back to when you where all loud and cursing that person out, you would think you looked real ugly. There are so many unjust things in this world that we need to stand up and get real down and dirty against. Is he sleeping with another woman in your bed more serious than the genocide that is happening in Kenya or the genocide that is happening right here with the drugs and gang violence. Tell him to keep it moving no need to waste your energy. Save it to save our babies from the streets of ignorance. I am not saying don't feel because we can be hurt by these things, but it is in how we react. Assert your self with your womanly power, we have so much of it. That energy that will come off of you from your true power will get the point across, and you have all the backing of your ancestors,angels spirits etc. All of that other stuff is just a bunch of fears, anger, jealousy and hurt that is not being taken care of in the right way.
We are the healers and nurturers of this world. We have to act as such. We have to step into our power and use it wisely, know when to take the front line and know when to step back.
I found this to become all so easy when I began to experience self love. I knew that I then had the power to love others and what it meant. I no longer had to exert my ego nor did I have to let myself be run over. Jealousy began to give way and following that came arrogance past hurts and fears.
Its a journey but we must remember, and reclaim our femininity