Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coochie Church

I am pleased to announce the opening of the church of coochie. This is where you come to get your daily inspiration to honor your Divine Feminine, your yoni,your vagina, your cookie,your coochie, your pussy, whatever you choose to call the sacred place. Come join the congregation of women and men to hear the word. And don't be afraid to testify, right in the comments section. Let us preach, shout, dance, sing, and pray healing into our coochies!

Are you committing sins against your coochie? Well come to the coochie church to repent and purify! Is your coochie happy with the way she is being treated? Are you giving her enough attention? Is she being deprived of tenderness? Is she being deprived of the gift of orgasm? Come for the word of how to do these things and a lot more. Come as you are, no judgements, the temple awaits.

Sermon #1:
Giving Honor to the Divine

Now let me ask, how many of you truly honor your yourself, truly honor your coochie and teach others how to do the same. Sometime we get so caught up in our day to day grind that we don't take the time to watch and see what is going on with her. We forget to listen to her needs.

How many times have you allowed someone to enter you that you weren't completely sure about? You did it just because you didn't want to say no. Or because you just need some sex real quick. Or you think maybe you will get over the unsure feeling and things will work. Maybe he will be more interested. For whatever reason, something is telling you no but you go along. That something is her, your coochie, saying "Please don't let him/it in. Does he truly care for me or does he need a quick fix? He needs to give me the attention I need. I need soft caresses and kisses. I need for him to be clean and receptive. Does he make you feel like a queen? Can he entice me into wetness, giving me a happy arousal?" Listen to your coochie.

Your coochie is very temperamental. She gets offended when you don't listen to her time after time. Her offense shows up in yeast affections,ST D's, fowl smells, and so much more. You don't want to piss her off! Can somebody say Amen!

Let us pray:
Give us the wisdom and heightened awareness to hear our coochies. Help us to remember our strength so we may only allow those in our space that honor us as the goddess. Remind of us of our power and divinity and be with us on our journey to a vibrant and honored coochie
Give Thanks.

River of Honey

Bathe me in a river of honey
And let me feel your tongue all on me
Caress my wetness slowly
Sending vibrations through my body

Whisper my name in my ear
Sacred words that erases fears
Can you take me to another place
While we are here in this time and space

Light a candle
Make me see beauty with my eyes closed
There's no telling how far I'll go
The scent of arousal's in the air
The serpents rising
Can you take me there

The small of my back aches for your kisses
My nipples awaken...ooh I can't take this
Brush your stiffness against my gentleness
Yes now, you've found my weakness

Open me up
There's so much nectar running down my thighs
Can't you tell by the way I sigh
You can take me now you've got my trust
Wrap my legs, lift my hips and take a deep meaningful thrust

Deep enough to massage that spot
You know the one that makes me hot
Tantalizes, heals, and reveals
The goddess power and orgasmic thrills

let me hear your pleasure
As you give me pleasure
Your moans sound like chants
And my climax is enhanced

In ecstatic contortions no sensations did you miss
Now let me climb high and ride a cloud of bliss
A sensual rapture
How much sweetness can you capture

Stick out your tongue
Here I come
Now that you've got me where you want me
Just don't run

I'm seeing God in this deep trance
There's no limitations when we're doing ecstasy's dance

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The First to be Unleashed

I began by making sure every part of the space was clean. Then I cleared and sweetened the atmosphere. I sat loosely and sensually clothed in the dimly lit sweetly scented room awaiting his arrival. The smoke from the inscent danced to the soft music, spiraling gracefully, seeping into my body giving me healing thoughts. The dance moved into my belly and began an ecstatic motion.

The doorbell rang and the dance moved into my chest. It gyrated to the fast rhythms
of my heart. I opened the door and allowed him to enter. I felt his dance; more so, I saw it from his slight trembling. I greeted with a warm smile to let him know that all is well and he could release his nervous tension.

His eyes moved about the sensually comforting room and I could tell he was pleased. I allowed his energy to move him to a comfortable place to sit. I floated to my space and feeling his energy to quickly begin I directed him to close his eyes.

I began to lead him but soon realized he did not want to be led. He wanted release. In my attempt to guide him in a relaxing technique I became assured that talking would be all the release he needed right now. He stopped me short in my "breathe in" song. So we began my first coaching session.

As we went through our session I could see his weight lifting, his eyes became brighter and he became much more animated. He answered a lot of his own questions and became very proud of himself. He basically was telling me his need for sensuality in his life.

The urge to be happy, the urge to be fulfilled in every way is really the urge towards sensuality. We all want to live each day of our lives feeling good, feeling high, in the moment. We want to feel successful, we want to feel love and acceptance, we want to feel appreciated. All of those things give us a sensation. Paying attention to these pleasing sensations brings us healing. Having appreciation for these moments unleashes healing. This is living a sensual life.

My client felt appreciation in the moment and was able to feel healing. With the help of the scent and sounds, colors and an attentive ear he was able to savor the beauty right then and see how he could have it everyday. He really had unleashed his own sensuality while I observed. I just sat in as the Goddess sharing energy so he may come to his realizations. We all need energy to be shared. We need each other in our journey to sensuality and I happen to be blessed with the gift of the Goddess to hold this energy or have realized my power to help others unleash what they already have.

We have had other sessions each time more empowering then the last. Sometimes the sessions will just be a reminder to taste the beauty or they may used for rejuvenation.

We end by giving thanks to each other. He makes a vow to honor him and others in the journey and teach people how to honor him. As he becomes unleashed sensually he will share the gift.