Friday, January 30, 2009

Sermon 9: Sounds of Power

Saying a word releases a physical vibration. These vibrations can be associated with the meaning of the word. Intentions behind these words can also have an effect on the energy felt by the word vibration. This is the same with sound without words. Sound has a powerful effect on our energy vibration. This is clearly seen in how we respond to music. The use of sound healing, mantra, chanting etc. are used at times to bring us to a higher level of vibration and to change vibrations and events around us.

Intent behind a word or sound, I think is very important. Look at the word “fuck.” This word can be used to degrade or it can be used in the most intense times of love-making. Some people can be reluctant to use the word because of all the negative ways it has been used. This one word is used in so many ways with so many different intentions behind it. It can arouse many pleasant sensations and allow sweet nectars to flow, or it can arouse anger.

I say all of this to say that your sound or your words can be the sweetest gift you can give your partner when you are intertwined in bliss. A lot of us take for granted the power of sounds in lovemaking. This can be the difference of the yoni dripping or just slightly wet. This can be the difference in how intense the thrust are, how deep and passionate. This can be the difference in level of orgasm. This can heighten confidence in your experiences and is a great way to communicate with your partner.

If you are quiet she may not think she is giving it to you the right way. If you are quiet and just lying there he may think he is not treating the coochie the way he is supposed to. If they are not, DON”T FAKE IT. Like I said this is a great way to communicate. So if you are a usual screamer or moaner, if he is not doing his thing and you are too afraid to tell him, just be quiet, hehe. No, it’s better to tell him or her so you will not have to endure those unpleasant feelings until they “are done.” Open communication is best.

I tell my partner that his sounds are my favorite things to hear in the whole world. My pleasure is intensified whenever I hear his. Some men are afraid to release their sounds because they don’t want to be looked at as a punk or feel foolish. Women go through this as well. Releasing your sounds in your pleasurable moments is not only great for your partner but can be healing for you as well. You are able to savor that ecstasy without fearing judgment. This can anchor you in the moment. You are able to release things like stress. Your spirit will be able to rise to unknown heights.

Let us pray: thank you for this gift of words/sound. Let us use this gift wisely and compassionately. Let us use our sounds to give and receive immeasurable earthshaking pleasure. Show us how to use this to heal our coochies, to heal the penis to make us aware of the power in every sensual moment. Let us use it to heal dysfunction and pain and send vibrations of love throughout. Give Thanks!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I Like It Raw

I finally did it! I went raw and I like it. I let go of apprehension and just did it. I have no decadent guilt. It feels so free. I am happy that there is no longer any fear in taking it raw. My ecstasy is greater and my juices flow more intensely.

What are you thinking? I am talking about my diet. I am now only eating raw foods. I eat no cooked or animal products. I was vegan for ten years. This is my third week of being on a raw diet. I already notice the difference. I feel so light and even more feminine. All sensations are greater. And I am sooooo horny! My yoni(vagina) becomes wet out of the blue. I have always gotten wet but now it is more and more often. I smell differently and taste differently. I feel so sweet. I feel like a flower. This is only three weeks!

Before I went raw I did an extensive detox. During this I also went through an emotional cleansing. Everything was a big deal. This is important because all or most of the things that gets locked in our bodies through our habits and life can come out. Everything is connected. So by doing a detox of my body my emotions also were cleansed.

Our health has a direct effect on our sexual ecstasy. Not only bio physically but psychologically as well. We all know if we are feeling heavy or guilty about something we ate or gassy we are not going to feel sexy. You are going to want to make love with the lights way out, or with that shirt on, or you will decline riding this time.

There is so much to be said on this but the lack of time and space I will not do it here. Look for it in my book. In the meantime, do some research. take small steps in improving your sexual health. Just eating more fruits and veggies and less sweets, starches,dairy and meat can make your yoni sweeter and juicier. Someone told me that after they got a colonic they could feel there clitoris and labia pulsating. They had never felt that before. The way you eat or what you eat could restrict blood flow to your genitals and leave you hanging, literally and figuratively, men and women.

You should take your sexual health seriously. Your libido or lack there of. Your ability to orgasm or enjoy sex. Your wetness or erection or lack there of is saying a lot about your health. Don't ignore it. And you can fix it the natural way!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just Talk to Me

Have you ever been near orgasm with just the tone of a voice? Or let me take it a bit further, have you come to a climax by just the use of words? No touching, nothing to see but what you can imagine. You haven’t even touched yourself, well not your genitals anyway just some winding of the hips.

For some this may seem so far fetched. You know, we take so many things for granted, not realizing the pleasure that can be had in “simple” things. We all know that the way we express ourselves is very important. Most of the way we do this is verbal. Every tone change can mean something different; it can put us in a totally different mood. You can be happy one minute, but let somebody say something you do not like and like a knee jerk response you are angry and full of resentment. Ten people could have told you that you are beautiful and you are feeling all y and confident, then one person comes along and tells you that you are not so attractive and instantly or even your confidence fades. You have to look extra hard in the mirror to see your beauty. Why is it that we hold on to the negative easier than the positive?

We see how powerful talk can be. Be conscious of how you use language and tone. It can make a world of difference. Now this brings me back to my original question. Have you ever been so aroused, so ready to burst that you actually did just that by what someone has said to you or by the sound of their voice? I have, and it was one of the most pleasurable experiences I’ve had. I assume that I was so open to this because I have been consciously paying attention to the moment and allowing myself to feel and take in all of the sensations, pleasant or unpleasant. I mean this wasn’t some phone sex line if that is what you are thinking. Well, let me tell you about it…

I was on the phone with my love. It was really late or really early after 1 a.m. and the love was flowing. He was telling me all of the things I wanted to hear complimenting me and such and I was telling him. We were exchanging lovely genuine dialogue. His voice was deep and milky smooth. Everything he was saying was sending chills up my spine and making me cross my legs as I lay and listened to him.

Our conversation became a little more intense to say the least; I’m guessing he could feel my heightened arousal at this time because his talk became… ehem, very pleasing. As I lay there I noticed all I was saying was mmhm yes, yes mmm. Then I start arching my back and touching my skin. My eyes are closed and I bite my bottom lip. My moaning becomes more apparent now. I start rolling my hips and grabbing my sheets. I could feel this intense energy in my pelvic area. I continued to roll my hips around and around up and down. I decided then to see if I could move the energy up, so I visualized the energy moving up under my belly button. Oh my! I could feel all of the sensation I felt in my pelvis and genitals there. I move the energy up even further to the center of my chest. I feel vibrations, I move it up again to my throat, there it is pulsating, and it is incredible that I am actually able to feel the same pleasure here, but now it is more intense because I am in awe. Then I move the sensation to the center of my forehead and my moaning becomes more vigorous. Next the top of my head, now I am shaking, my entire body is illuminated with pleasure. My attention goes back to the genitals because, well, you can imagine what happened. The river was flowing. I mean I was vibrating and in pure ecstasy and hadn’t been touched. I wasn’t looking at porno or on the phone with some stranger making up stories to get me off. It was pure energy from his voice to all of my centers, purely orgasmic. I had an energy orgasm. Do you know about those? Well I will give you all of the sensual details. Stay tuned to my blog or even better look for my book coming real soon.