Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Love Lotion

Did you know that a man’s semen has regenerative properties for your skin? Next time, don’t be so quick to wipe when he releases all over you. Welcome it. Not only can it do great things for your skin, it can also be very erotic and turn the both of you on even more. His seed will not be wasted but put to good use.

Another great use of the semen is the absorption of its energy to feel alive, rejuvenated and to have a sexy fountain of youth. This is a spiritual practice as well because you are not just receiving the properties of the seminal fluid onto your body, but you are getting sexual energy which is the greatest most powerful energy that can be used to change EVERYTHING.:)

The seminal fluid of the man carry the most nutrients of the ejaculate, the sperm is the restorative or creative element. You can use this love lotion on your breast, on your coochie and anus for restoration, you can even use it on your face.

It is important to note that you should not use just any fluid on your skin. Especially in the case of absorption you want the highest level ejaculate. You want your partner to have a clean diet, free of junk foods, too much dairy, and meat. Fresh fruits and veggies make a powerful elixir of love lotion. It would be nice if he also practiced daily exercise and/or some form of meditation qui gong as this makes for great sexual energy. The love vibration between the two of you is very powerful and will bring powerful release.

Diet and hygiene are definitely important sensual factors in this practice. His fluid should not have a foul smell. If you are releasing him orally, when you are done you should not be able to smell funk on your lips.
It is also important to not be selfish in this act. When a male ejaculates he loses a large amount of energy. You want him to conserve and use that for other great things.

For more info on how to use male fluid or techniques to help your partner avoid depletion and fatigue of ejaculation look for my upcoming book or call for consultation coming soon.