Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Make Me Feel Good (You Better)

I talk a lot about women getting the pleasure and satisfaction they deserve in their love life. Your partner is a tremendous help in this process, but it is up to you to find the pleasure and satisfaction. You can not lay there and wait for him to bring you to orgasm. If you do that you cannot blame him for your lack of fulfillment in your encounters.

I know some of you lay there like "ah man he aint doing it right, another night no orgasm, here we go, what is he doing, I'm tired of this, he aint doing a damn thing." Or sometime we even want to rush to the orgasm.

If you are laying there waiting for your man to bring you to orgasm and you are giving him any energy, what do you think is going to happen? he wants to feel good as well and he does that by knowing you feel good. Get into it and i guarantee you will fell something. Make it fun, Make sounds, Touch him. Watch how his energy changes.

If you come to love with a selfish, demanding or defeating attitude the love will not flow.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Something Smells Fishy

Smells are very important for woman's arousal, but some of you fail to realize that smells are also important for men. Ladies please keep your coochie clean! The last thing a man wants is to be all excited and want to taste your sweet flower and he goes down and the flower smells like a rotting fish! Do you know how quick he will become limp?

A lot of woman use douches, sprays, lubricants, creams, perfume and on and on and on to keep the coochie smelling fresh. These toxic, unnatural products actually make you smell worse in the long run. They affect the coochie's natural ability to become wet as well. They are one of the causes of chronic yeast infections and other problems in that area.

The best cure for stinky coochie is simple. Change the way you eat. Keep unnatural products away from her and keep nasty penis' and other things out of her.

Please do not spray perfume on your coochie.

If you have issues with arousal and think a cream will help, think again. Short term maybe, long term you gonna have a stinking, sick, unresponsive coochie. I know someone who actually burned their coochie using an arousal gel. There are natural things you can do. And be very cautious about products that say natural ingredients or all natural. This could mean one ingredient in the list of 500 is natural. Stop poisoning the coochie.

Men actually like a pretty coochie that smells clean and fresh naturally.

Are you stressed? Your coochie smells like it. Our bodies try to find any way to release toxins. Stress causes sickness. It causes you to eat the wrong things and your body wants it out. The coochie will most likely be a way in which your body will release those toxins.

A sick coochie can really make you feel bad about yourself. It can make you feel less feminine, less sensual and completely unresponsive to sex.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birthday Manifestations

Today was my birthday. I will celebrate always. My gift to myself is to manifest my dreams and ambitions. To cultivate more love and loving relationships.To open to all blessings, whatever form they may come. Doing all these things I will be living life to the fullest.

This year I have been blessed with the mate of my prayers. I put it out to the universe exactly what I wanted in a mate and I got it. My birthday wish is to be what I expect him to be for me. My wish is to see all of my other intentions come into fruition just as this one.

I am grateful this day and everyday. I am humbled by the magnificence of love and the power of sensuality. I am thankful for the lessons I have received and being able to share them with you! I feel blessed to be able to honor you.

Snippet from a sexual makeover

Questions/concerns from "SexuallY Liberated." Makeover done on gmail chat. My responses not shown.

I feel I need to cultivate a "liberated sexual experience" for myself

I’ve had 2 sex partners

I want to have sex, good sex, but there's blockage when it comes to actually having sex

Like, the idea of being "sexually responsible" turns off my interest. Like if I have to use a condom I must not be that into them

It’s going to take time for me to find my sex space that's all mine

I want to do more sensual stuff, ever since your blog, I really have been touching my skin more, smelling flowers, etc

I feel like there's so much I don't know
like I wanted to know more, do more with my partner experiment, read all the sex books, but I was not confident in initiating it b/c I felt he wasn't interested anymore

I was feeling like I should have done more, been more interesting, lalala

Don’t know when/how I got like this
I think for so long, I thought something was wrong with me
I think it's only recently I stopped thinking I was like sexually retarded for not having more sex partners

I really have never thought of that, and so I called this guy I thought could be a "fuck buddy", funny just saying that
and when I heard his voice on the phone, it was like NO! lol,
that was just a thought!

Definitely think my religious upbringing and trauma of being so heavily monitored by the whole church affected me a lot

I always wonder what would have happened if my first love was my first
and we just stumbled along together, not knowing

Definitely want to explore more,
Wanted to do more meditations, learn more about tantra, and breathwork and chakra openings with different positions

Wanted to do more foreplay, have candles to see
Do lots of stuff that wasn't just penetration, but like I said, I didn't initiate all these things

I thought about it, mentioned it, but often we'd be squeezing sex into the 25th hour of the day
so, penetration beat our all the foreplay

yeah, I know, you're right, and that's what I wanted, but I thought I was being "supportive" by not pressing the issue
like I was "Respecting" his schedule, his work...and on and on

he seemed surprised when I told him I felt we had sex when he wanted to

that's what was so hard to talk about

all the things you saying are doable
sure, but he gotta want to do it

and I wanted him to want it, so I accepted anything
yeah, and not be afraid
me: and then you wont except less

yeah, I resented that he always got his

all this stuff I have to say, to claim

yeah, I am sacred and I always want to be honored as such

me: you will get what you want and need

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sermon 13: Being selfish is a sin!

In the last blog I mentioned sexually selfish men and I wanted to elaborate on this. Now I am a big promoter of women taking control of their own ecstasy, but I have to admit some of you men make it real hard sometime.

Now men if you are doing some of these things that I will mention you need to stop right away. I have talked to numerous women who have told me that the man was all about his pleasure. He did not know the first thing to do, and when he came it was all over.There she was laying there unfulfilled, frustrated, sore and probably feeling used.

Now ladies most of us have had men who swear he is doing his thing and he would even say it "I'm the man, I tore that stuff up, I worked it out, I did the damn thing, I wore her out......" And you in your head are saying "what planet are you on."

Men, tearing it up are not necessarily what you want to do unless your partner likes it rough. Here are a few things you can do to ensure you are not committing a sin.

1.No Jack Hammering(going as fast and as hard as possible to rush to your ejaculation even when her coochie has dried). Be receptive to how she likes it. Watch for signs.

2. Learn some methods to retain your ejaculation and turn it into more energy and power, to work her out and benefit you in your life. Don't leave her hanging. If you just couldn't help it you have fingers and a tongue or whatever you all choose to use.

3. Don't rest your complete body weight on her and smother or hurt her. we are fragile sometime.

4.Take the time to pamper her, tell her she is the finest woman in the world. Foreplay starts before you get in the bed or wherever you do it.

Please feel free to add to this list in the comments section. If you are doing this, or need help to help your man get over it you need a "SEx MAkeOver." Get with me.

Let us Pray: Help us to know how to share our love. Show us the way to give selflessly all that we are and to receive with an open heart. Give Thanks!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sermon 12: You could fake it...but why would you?

I have talked to a number of women who fake orgasms because they want to get it over with. They want to satisfy their partners and give him "some" so he won't go astray. They may not want him to think she is frigid. There are a number of reasons women do this. I have been there as well.

I say if you are going to do it you might as well enjoy it. And although your partner may get off, the energy from the real thing as opposed to faking it is different. Men love a responsive woman. If you are truly enjoying yourself he will want to please you more and more. They really do want to please us sexually. Well there are sexually selfish men but that is a subject for another blog.

So if you are there having sex and your whole being is like I wish he would hurry up and come it is more than likely your body is going to respond that way often. It is not all about him knowing you are faking (because women are great actresses)but you wanting to reap rewards in this sacred act as well.

One of the keys to enjoying is becoming present. Another is knowing what feels good to you, another is be sexual, by fantasizing,feeling sexy, and telling your body it is receiving pleasure.

There are a number of ways to do all of the things I mentioned and many techniques to "get yours."

By the end of the month I will be launching "SEX MAKEOVERS" where I will be helping men and woman with things presented on this blogspot turning up the fire with your partner, how to attract a partner, how to inspire,heal and create through sex and more! Stay present to get your sexual makeover. Stay tuned for free consultations (limited time). Visit Hope to hear from you soon!