Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I do

Some have confused what I do as a cover up for prostitution. We have gone so far away from who we are, from our natural energy that everything sexual is perverted. Even nakedness is perverted. We repress and supress our sexual energy so much that it has become an obsession. It is perverted and poisoned. I only seek to empower, and help all those who want to appreciate and live in the beauty of this God Given gift. More Sermons coming this week :)

What is relationship and sensual coaching?• Personalized information and education
• Redirective cognitive process and mental reframing
• Emotional balancing
• Intuitive guidance
• Behavioral training
• Resources
What are my responsibilities?• To guide and direct you.
• To empower you to attain the dreams you desire
• To empower you to overcome any relationship or sensual difficulties you may have or fear you have.
• To help you reach your relationship goals and together find results that satisfy you.
What are your responsibilities?• To be on time for scheduled appointments.
• To pay on time
• To provide a comprehensive history on relationship
• To be authentic and share your truth with me.

What are the fees?Fees are $100/60 minute talk-only session and pro-rated for longer or shorter sessions. (more for couples) Payment is expected at the beginning of each session by postal money order or cash. For telephone or internet sessions payment is required via credit card via my website in advance. If finances are a problem for you a sliding scale fee and payment programs are always available.

How do sessions work?Most sessions are conducted by instant messaging. Some are conducted in person or by telephone. Most sessions are about an hour in length. Sessions can be scheduled for once a week, or less or more frequently depending on your schedule, my availability and your needs for coaching.

What about missing or changing appointments?There is a 24-hour-advance cancellation policy. If you fail to cancel or reschedule within that time frame a 50% charge will be asked of you for the missed appointment unless in extreme circumstances.

What can you expect?
This type of work can be transformational for your whole life. You can expect complete confidentiality. By trusting me to be your guide, you will grow, learn, and become a more empowered person. Thank you so much for choosing me as you’re your coach. It is always my honor and privilege to go this work.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sun Sex

I am sorry to have neglected this space. I was becoming familiar with other things like facebook. I don't think all of my racy escapades are appropriate there so I will save them for you.

Anyway, my love has been making me a morning person. Meaning making love in the morning or when the sun is shining and high in the sky. At first I fought this because I love making love in the light of the moon and I am such a night owl.Well I'm slowly becoming a morning person hehe.

I found that the energy has actually been higher for me, making love with the sun beaming on us. I love seeing his naked sweating body and he loves seeing mine. I love the fact that we can make love and still have time to do other things. I still love moon sex now don't get me wrong but sun sex has been so much FUN!! I also find visualization to be much more powerful for me under the sun.

So yesterday about 11am I am on the train and I can feel myself getting wet!! I am like so horny thinking about my man. I am meeting him at Lens Crafters and all I can think about was finding somewhere we can go real quick. LOL! I hate public restrooms so that was out and I didn't see any woods nearby. Damn!

So we take care of all of our business and I am like we need to go home in a hurry. He knew exactly what I was talking about. We finally got home and could barely get through the door before we started stripping and pulling at each others clothes. I used to think this was only in the movies.

The sun was beaming on us. The love was so powerful I felt drunk. I literally felt dizzy my hands were numb my body felt light as a feather. I was ecstatic. The energy of the sun, the mutual breathing, the visualization, the multiple orgasms and sounds took me in such a trance like state. I could feel nothing but bliss!! I mean pure bliss!!! I coulnd't help but giggle and move my body more and this threw me into another orgasm. I am lucky to have someone who knows and understands what a blissful trance looks like during sex. It could scare some LOL!

I was not drained afterwards neither was he. We had so much energy. Then came the storm. Lightening and thunder and pouring rain!! We brought the rain!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tell Your Story! Breakthrough...

On my healing journey other women’s stories of success has often motivated me to go further. Being a survivor of sexual abuse I was often afraid to tell my story because of fear of rejection or feeling it would make me less of a person. I sought refuge in my writing. There I could make my healing a creative experience. In my writing I could be the most beautiful, the most sexual or successful woman even after being abused. I noticed in my creative writing pieces I was actually creating the woman I wanted to be and in some ways the women I have grown to be. I want to give other women that voice and creative space to create the women they want to be and share the women they have become.

Here is a chance to tell your story. I am now taking submissions for stories and poems for my up and coming book. Share your stories of what you have endured through abuse. Share your stories of how you made a breakthrough from rape, sexual, physical,emtional, or self abuse into being blissful and orgasmic. Use this to speak out against abuse as well. Breakthrrough!!!

Send all edited submissions to (women and men)For any further questions feel free to contact me there as well.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sex Rituals

I am interested in knowing how you all prepare for sex/lovemaking. I would love to start a dialogue about this. Leave your stories in the comments secttion.

I know for me it is very hard to have sex in clutter or a place that smells bad. Before I make love, if the situation or time allows, I make sure I smell good, I will make the bed if I am doing it there (it never stays made)I will make sure the room smells good and I prepare music.I like to prepare my partner as well.Besides foreplay, I make sure his hands are clean and he smells good. Now this does not happen all the time because we are to hot to do all that or no where near a bed :)

Please share!! Or share what you would like to happen.

Spontaneous Affection

I was walking with my love to whole foods the other day and I was having one of my act/feel crazy period days. it was a beautiful day but all I did was complain and think about how others are doing things to piss me off and that they need to get their stuff together.

All of a sudden he stopped and grabbed me. I'm like ah damn what now. What is it that is going to get on my nerves now. He gave me the biggest hug and kiss and said, "I love you babe."

This was enough to snap me out of my negative disposition and bring me back to the moment where so much beauty lies.