Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sermon 16: Divaism

I have been thinking and observing the diva concept for a while now. I have really been paying attention to the behaviors of women who call themselves Diva. I've actually been observing homosexual men who call themselves Diva as well.

I have heard people explain this ism in many different ways, it's had all kinds of twist, turns and loops. But I have noticed that one behavior is constant with Divaism. Some may hate me for this cause some are die hard in Divaism, but hey, all I have to offer is healing take it or leave it. I tell you because I love you.

So, to be frank I have noticed in Divaism that a lot of women are conducting themselves as selfish, loud, bitter, insecure, and starving for attention. I seen that the play of heightened security is really a mask of insecurities. It is a facade to try to make everyone believe that they are confident. Everyone wants to be honored, but we cannot force people to do so. We cannot force anyone to respect us. The results will be the opposite.

In Divaism there is a hard shell that is formed. Divaism is a defense mechanism. It is a my way or no way attitude. In a world of so many, in a world of so much chaos, in a world with so much potential to love, we must learn to compromise. It is NOT all about you. You are important and divine and wonderful, so are others.

A "Bitch I'm me you better prostrate" attitude goes no where in the sense of healing from trauma, self loathing, abuse, low self esteem. It is a cover up. Really are you really loving yourself and who you are if you make others feel low around you, or you feel all must bow to your every selfish whim.

Nobody wants a mean and nasty woman around them. Get it together.

This is not to negate the women who have truly made conscious efforts toward self-love. I know I am going to get messages saying well I call myself Diva and I truly feel confident and I know how to treat people, and I work to uplift etc. I applaud you. You are truly divine (hm I wonder if diva came from the word divine)and you are an exception. I see you too, the focused ones with true confidence that will not let any one define them or get in their way of success. The ones that can smile and know that they are fine and fly without trying to make people see it. I see you. I honor you. I believe that Divas want to feel this way, they want to feel divine, but they are going about it the wrong way. They are looking for outside acceptance first when it should be the other way around. They are struggling inside. They are crying inside and praying for true self love and to be free from the darkness of extreme insecurity.

In a book "Sacred Woman" by Queen Afua she has a section where she talks about the "Bitch Possesion." She says, "a bitch is an unrealized woman, encased in pain and filled with fear. She is a woman who feels trapped by life, surrounded by and absorbed in her own waste." She goes on to say that "The Bitch is a negative entity or spirit that possesses the body temple of a woman who has already been filled with rage, hate, envy and despair. It is the opposite of being a sacred woman, and ultimately she will strangle and destroy the one who is possessed by her."

Look at that! I mean for real. Some equate Divaism with being a bitch. Woman are proud of being bitches, of being sick, of being possessed with a demon!!! I've heard women say I celebrate my bitch, my multi-facedness as a woman goddess. This is bull, stop making excuses for that your junk for that demon. Recognize you need healing and do it. I'm not telling you to beat up on yourself more, I'm telling you to accept that this is happening and take measures to heal it.

A true Goddess has a sweet disposition. She works to heal her wounds and those of others. We all have the potential to be great, beautiful powerful goddesses without forcing it.

Let us Pray: Remove from us the need to over power or displace our insecurities on others. Help us to realize the difference between pain and true confidence. Guide us through our healing so we may live in light. Give Thanks!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sermon 15: Jealousy is non-orgasmic

Our beauty is expressed in many different ways. It is expressed in different sizes, shapes, colors and tones. Yet we all become so caught up in how someone else's beauty is expressed. Most times it is not in an appreciative manner either. It is not, "Oh she is so beautiful, it is "she is more beautiful than I, she is more successful, he is more popular, sings better, dresses better, better ideas, capitalized on that idea and I didn't" and so on and so forth. We have so many hangups with this to the point where it makes us literally crazy.

There is so much anxiousness about being "ideal" or how others view us that the insecurities become a detriment to our sexual responsiveness.

Sometime women when seeing other beautiful women will automatically think, "if my man sees her he is going to want her. Or that is really the kind of woman my man likes." If you have this type of insecurity of course it is going to exude from you, that is not sexy. Even in the sexual act, that will show up because maybe you don't feel as skinny as she, so you will keep your shirt on. Or maybe you think because she seems so confident that she is great in bed so you want to do all the nasty freaky things so he will only want you. Not because you want too, or find enjoyment form those things. He may find the woman or women that you are so obsessed with to be repulsive you never know. But if he doesn't that is ok, Men are naturally attracted to women and there are more beautiful women on earth than just you. But you know what, he is with you. So work on it and make it a happy union where you feel honored and beautiful.

I mean it is not that serious that her butt is shaped different than hers, yours is beautiful too. Does it really matter that her hair is longer, your short hair brings out your cheekbones, and your smile brightens a room and your intelligent as hell. Learn to find the wonderful things about you. Say, "she is beautiful, and so am I." that will stop that jealousy spirit in its tracks.

Men, if you are extremely jealous,if your woman cannot walk 5 paces alone without you having a heart attack, or you have to know what she is doing, who she talked to, where she went every second, there can be some problems in your love life. Love does not have to be controlling. She is going to shut down sexually. She is not going to want to give it too you as she would if she felt happy and allowed to be who she is. I mean women love a strong fiery man who is going to protect her, but not an insecure man who is going to flip out if he even thinks another man is looking at her. This is a sign of some major insecurities that will show up in the relationship sometimes as physical abuse. What woman wants to have sex with a man she is afraid of.

We all have to work on ways that we can see and appreciate who we are and what we have to offer. We all have great things, even if we do not see them right now. I challenge you to find 5 things right now that make you great! Having confidence is sexy!

Let us pray: We know that because we have come from you, the great universe, we must be special. Help us to see this and feel this everyday. Help us to not be resentful of others because we can see clearly their beauty, when it is difficult for us to appreciate our own, but allow them to be mirrors to help us to see our greatness. Give Thanks!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sermon 14: Insightful Orgasms

The creator has given us magnificent tools to find our way through life. We have been given tools to live joyful, fulfilling lives. We have been told that we are not alone. That we will not be left alone in our times of despair if we have faith, if we know the power and call on the creator in our times of need. We can conjure up that power that is shared with us.

Orgasms are one of the many tools that we have to share in the power. They are one of the many tools that we have so that we may hear what the universe or the divine wants or needs us to hear. Orgasm is so powerful, if used as such that we can receive the answers to all the mysteries of the universe or just a dire question in our lives.

The bliss of the experience brings us closer to God. In that moment we have no thoughts. We are free from judgement. We are experiencing something out of this world when we consciously let that pleasure flow to different parts of the body and into the heart experiencing only the ecstasy and oneness.

You can do this by breathing deeply and visualizing the flow of the energy as a white light moving through your body and especially beaming more intensely at the heart, the middle of our forehead, and the top of your head. You won't be able to help but smile and moan.

Just lay there if you can during and after your orgasm breathing deeply with your eyes closed and open for your answers our any other insights. They will come don't force it just stay with the ecstasy. If you want you can write down any questions before hand or keep them in your awareness while you are experiencing pleasure. Don't forget to write your insights down when you come back.

If this seems like a lot and you just want to get it in, remember you will have those times, however we must take advantage of these gifts that the creator gives us to be powerful, successful and happy. What better way to do it. You cant lose with this one.

Let us Pray: Thank you for reminding us that you did not leave us in a desert without necessities to return home. You give us the gift of pleasure so we may triumphantly get through the pain. we thank you for sharing your abundance with us!
Give Thanks!