Monday, May 10, 2010

Emotional Roulette

I’ve played this game before.
Guess I like it dangerous
Blown away by the thrill of it all
Gagging my intuition
Not wanting to here it all
I’d rather have the thrill
It’s mysterious
What will happen next?
Will I let curiosity get the best of me?
Or is it all in my mind
Maybe the chamber’s empty.
Just what I am afraid of
I need something to fill me
Something in my heart
But will it be the death of me
Or will it set me free
I’ve played this game before
The adrenaline fuels me. It feels so good when it feels good
What will I do?
Will I risk it?
It’s staring me in the face
Calling my name
Sounds so sweet
But it feels so dangerous
What will I do?
What would you do?