Thursday, August 26, 2010

That Table!

I am sitting on that table, waiting with only my loose fabric wrapped around my waist and a strand of waist beads anxious for you to uncover them.

You roll up to me in your chair with longing in your eyes. I rest my feet on the arms of the chair and you waste no time putting them/my legs on your shoulders.

You grab my ass and pull me closer licking your lips in anticipation. My clit throbs in anticipation, remembering how your tongue glided effortlessly on, around across her.

I moan even before you touch her, my body imagines...

Finally, your tongue, your whole tongue gives me what I have been waiting for.

You lick me, moaning to let me know she tastes good

Grabbing my thighs, you flick my clit with your tongue

I am shaking and calling out your name....

You send me into ecstasy every time.

My juices flow unto your tongue

and I can't take it anymore

You slide your fingers in my wet pussy

Making my juices gush

As I gush you stand

and quickly thrust all of your big dick inside of me

you want to feel all of my wetness on you.

You thrust and stroke until I am screaming and shaking

I am coming all over you again and again

Your moans make me even more excited

and I come again and again

You become even more excited feeling me so excited

You thrust faster










You let out a groan and can hardly stand.

I cannot contain myself

Damn! That table.