Sunday, December 18, 2011

Change Your Life Today!!

Have You Ever Had an Orgasm? is the ultimate guide to reclaiming your feminine power and being a fully empowered and orgasmic woman that creates magic and miracles at her whim. It is your birthright to be a happy, healthy, and sexually fulfilled woman and this book provides you with the tools and information you need to manifest this birthright. Over 78 percent of women today are non-orgasmic and even more suffer from low self-worth/negative self-image, unfulfilled relationships, limiting beliefs, and negative emotional trauma. In the midst of all this, women have lost their feminine power and nature and their sense of passion and purpose. This book teaches women how to transform the lack that they are experiencing into abundance and bliss! In order to be an abundant and happy woman, you must be orgasmic, accept your sexuality, and recognize and embrace the power of being feminine. Have You Ever Had an Orgasm? provides you with the down to earth information you need 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jade Eggs

I have been using the Jade Egg for some years now with great sexual and health benefits.

I (Dripping Bliss) has pure and natural jade eggs, which are sturdy, smooth and non-porous. These eggs are drilled just for dripping bliss costumers.

I am so excited to provide this gift for you.

Your jade egg will also come with a beautiful silk pouch

Let me tell you a bit about the Jade egg. The Jade egg has been used in China and other civilizations for centuries to aid women in tightening their vagina muscles to have enhanced sexual sensitivity for them and their lovers. It is a over 2000 year old practice and was a secret! Doing vaginal exercises with the egg also increases blood flow to the area which means more pleasure! They are used to assist women in having more harmonious menstrual cycles. You gain mastery over your muscles.

This can be a spiritual experience as well since you are awakening your life force energy, your chi or sexual energy. While using the egg you will be moving that powerful energy in upwards and it then can be used to have a deep sexual spiritual experience. The egg heightens your chance of being an explosively orgasmic woman.

Using the egg prevents many debilitating post-pregnancy problems, assuring easy childbirth, recovery, and healing including incontinence issues for all ages. Jade eggs help to prevent prolapse and promotes uterine and bladder health.

Using a Jade Egg increases lubrication and libido. Another great benefit is that it pulls toxins from the vagina and womb area. I mean the benefits are endless.

The egg is drilled to provide easy removal by adding a string. Or as you become more proficient in your practice you can add weights for vaginal weight lifting!

You can restore your vagina to a healthy,tighter stage, nearly virginal.

I am now offering a special package deal on my powerful class series The Sexpert's Secrets to Being a Multi-orgasmic Woman,  and the Jade egg all for only $50! Yes you get both classes that promises to change your sexual/sensual health life and the magical jade egg and pouch for a deal of $50, a 20% discount!! Hurry they will go fast first come first served.


Jade egg Package Deal

Jade Egg and Free Silk Pouch

The Sexpert's Secrets to Being a Multi-Orgasmic Woman

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In these great recordings, I share the secrets to achieving the fountain of youth for your vagina, improving your health, overcoming sexual and reproductive problems. These recordings will allow you to have to have an excellent sex life and how to have those craved, earth shattering G-spot orgasms!

The health of your vagina affects overall health, your orgasmic potential and your ability to have enjoyable sexual experiences. Having an unhealthy vagina can have a detrimental effect on confidence as well.

Do you really know the power of your vagina, your womb, this great portal of life?
Well find out. Did you know your vagina is one of the most powerful creations within this universe? Find out how you are poisoning your vagina everyday and how to stop.

In Part 1 you will learn:
The Foods and herbs that increase libido and sexual pleasure, boost your health, and tighten your vagina

Why your negative thoughts about sex and men are literally making you sick, unfulfilled, and non-orgasmic and how to change these thoughts

The power of being feminine and how to connect to your feminine nature and create the life you desire!

Simple tips of sensitivity and sensuality training and its benefits.
These simple tips will make you feel sexier and boost your sexual confidence!

The secrets to being a powerful goddess! These secrets will allow life and the things you want to effortlessly flow to you!

A simple technique for rejuvenating your vagina. This technique will boost your vaginal health and libido.

The importance of loving your vagina and how to do so. This information will boost your self-esteem, sexual confidence, increase your joy levels,

The metaphysical, emotional, and mental reasons why you have reproductive problems like fibroids and unhealthy vagina that prevents your pleasure

What everyday products and toxins that you need to avoid to prevent fibroids, endometriosis, and other reproductive ailments

The Hidden Dangers of feminine hygiene products, vaginal creams, sprays, and lubricants

Do condoms harm your vagina? I will discuss how they do and what are the safest condoms for women to use

The causes of urinary tract infections and how to naturally cure them

Struggling with vaginal odor? I will share simple solutions to eliminate bad odors

Is intercourse painful for you? I will explain the mental and physical reasons why you are experiencing this and how to remedy it

The ultimate vagina wellness diet. This dietary tips will forever end yeast infections, vaginal dryness, reproductive problems, and keep your vagina smelling great, looking young, and supple

Have an issue with frequent yeast infections? I discuss the reasons why you do and tell you how to rid of them and keep them away.

Simple dietary tips and herbs that will keep your man virile and potent

Want to naturally increase your lubrication and overcome vaginal dryness? I will tell you exactly how to do this.

A natural contraceptive that is 100 percent effective at preventing conception that has been used for over 2,000 years by women!

Natural ways to prevent pregnancy that are more effective than condoms!

Powerful affirmations to create the life you want, become a powerful, free, and orgasmic woman!

Let’s tap into the power of your vagina. Let us remove pain and heal.

This information is so powerful I had to do it in two parts! Be sure to get both!

In the second part you will learn:

How to have the most explosive and earth shaking orgasms. Most women aren’t having them but I will tell the secrets on how you can!

Videos on techniques to tighten your vagina for better sex, increased sensations, and more powerful and explosive orgasms.

A special Yoni massage guide to open the way to being a multi-orgasmic woman and increasing your sensuality, sexiness, and self-esteem!

Simple, easy tips on how to seduce your man into pleasing YOU And so much more!

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Jamilla is at the top of her field and has an incredible gift and passion in coaching and guiding people towards creating lives they desire and experiencing the wonder and beauty that they are. She has totally transformed the lives of many, young and old.

Jamilla celebrates her sensuality and loves to empower, inspire, and teach others to celebrate themselves, live fulfilled lives, enjoy intimacy and allow their sexual energy to freely flow. She lives what she teaches and lives in state of bliss every day and is passionate about teaching people how to do the same.